The Edit List
Yu Yu Hakusho 19 & 20

by Mike Majeski,
19. Suzaku, Leader of the Beasts

1. Yusuke's “What the hell is that thing?” changed to “What the heck is that thing?” when the first see the Saint Beast's watch tower.

2. Yusuke's “Like hell she is” changed to “No she's not” in response to Kuwabara saying that he thinks that Kayko is in serious trouble

3. Yusuke's “Then hold your freaking breath” changed to “Then hold your stupid breath” completing the threat he made to Suzaku (about ripping out his lungs)

4. Yusuke's “Control this, you bastard!” changed to “Control this, you monster!” in response to Suzaku's sending his possessed humans after Kayko

5. Yusuke's “Dammit, I could've sworn he missed me.” changed to “Darn it, I could of sworn he missed me” after being grazed by Suzaku's Storm of Torment attack.

6. Yusuke's “Let's do this, asshole” changed to “Whenever your ready” challenging Suzaku to another round.

20. Seven Ways to Die

1. Yusuke's “Out of this whole plan, you made one big mistake. You went and pissed me off” changed to “Out of this whole plan, You made one big mistake. You went and ticked me off”

2. NOT AN EDIT – Suzaku's “I will make you a king of demons if you promise to eat Kayko's heart.” Left in

3. Yusuke's “Go, to hell” changed to “I don't eat heart” in response to Suzaku's offer.

4. Suzaku's “dammit” changed to “WHAT?” after he finds out about Kayko & Boton's deception.

5. Yusuke's “Get out of my head you old bitch” changed to “Get out of my head you old hag” in response to Genkai's telepathic message.

6. Genkai's “Shows you're doing your training like everything else. Half-assed” changed to “Shows you're doing your training like everything else. Half-hearted” (In flashback)

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