The Edit List
Yu Yu Hakusho 21 & 22

by Mike Majeski,
21. Yusuke's Sacrifice

1. Scene where a possessed human strikes Boton in the head with a pipe – CUT

2. Yusuke's “but I've got enough to deep fry a smart-assed bird” changed to “but I've got plenty to deep fry a smart mouthed bird” while trying to bluff Murugu away from defending the Makai Whistle.

3. Yusuke's “What the-? Oh hell.” changed to “What the-? Oh man.” When Suzaku use the Prism of Seven Restoration technique,

4. Yusuke's “Dammit, Yusuke! Think of something!” changed to “Darn it, Yusuke! Think of something!”

One thing's strage about this episode. Near the end of the battle, Suzaku notices that his tentacle is damaged and surmises that it happened in Yusuke's first attack. Why didn't he notice it before? (at least the effects of the damage) Why didn't his restoration technique work on repairing it? And if only one Suzaku has a damaged tentacle, how does it effect the accuracy of the other 6? Also, it seems that Toonami still doesn't like characters taking damage to the head, either actual or threatened.

22. Lamenting Beauty

1. Yusuke's “Dammit!” changed to “Oh No!” when he discovers he's late because of the meeting with Hiei.

2. Kuwabara's “What is it Urameshi? A nudie movie?” changed to “What's it rated? NC17?” in response to Yusuke's asking him to use his VCR to see the Videotape from Koenma.

3. Yusuke's “Okay Boton—What the hell kind of explanation did you give her. She thinks I'm a freakin' intern in some screwed-up after-school program!” changed to “Okay Boton—What the stupid kind of explanation did you give her. She thinks I'm a stinkin' intern in some screwed-up after-school program!”

4. Shizuru's Cigarette – REMOVED (looks like Toonami is still in a Non-Smoking section)

5. Tarukane's Cigar – REMOVED.

6. Tarukane's “Frigid little whore, huh?” changed to “Frigid little thing, huh?” describing Yukina, because she freezes the room every time he visits.

7. Bleeding cut on Yukina's cheek caused by the younger Toguro Brother – REMOVED.

8. Tarukane's “No matter what she just stares at the damn wall” changed to “No matter what she just sits and stares at the wall” describing how ineffective his attempts at torture her into crying.

9. Scene after Yukina's birds are captured by the older Toguro Brother. Yukina approaches the brother and says, “Please don't hurt them” only to be struck in the face, and knocked to the floor by the younger brother – CUT.

10. Yukina's “Please spare them. PLEASE!” about the birds – CUT.

11. Scene where the older Toguro brother crushes the birds – CUT.

12. NOT AN EDIT – Scene showing the feathers from the crushed birds floating down retained.

13. Yusuke's “This place smells like ass!” changed to “This place smells terrible!” describing the forest surrounding Tarukane's fortress.

Well, this episode kept the sensors busy just with the language edits alone, not to mention Shizuru's cigarette and Tarukane's Cigar. It looks like Tarukane is going to give Kuwabara a run for second place in number of those types of edits.

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