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The Edit List
Yu Yu Hakusho 32 & 33

by Mike Majeski,
32. Knife Edge Death Match

1. In Recap – “But the drunken master Chu is proving to be more than a formidable match.” changed to “But the Bizarre fighter Chu is proving to be more than a formidable match.”

2. Yusuke's “I've got the balls... ” changed to “I've got the guts... ”

3. Shizuru's cigarette removed

4. Scene where Shizuru takes a drag from her cigarette – CUT.

5. Rinku's “Man I sure hope they let 'em do it! Chu kicks ass at the Deathmatch! He's never lost one of those before!” – CUT. (Talk about a stupid line. If Chu lost a previous Deathmatch he would be... uh... Dead)

6. NOT AN EDIT – Kuwabara's “Urameshi, show that lush what you've got left in ya!” left in. (and Toonami was SO careful to eliminate all references to Chu's drunkard status)

7. Some of the punches between Yusuke and Chu – CUT (It's hard to say exactly where they are, but suffice it to say that Toonami shows about one third of the blows)

8. After the commercial break and before the shot of the crowd two thirds of the fight is CUT. This includes scenes where both fighters are pushed back, cutting their feet on the knives.

9. Shizuru's “If you had just kept that cigarette in your mouth... You wouldn't have had to put your foot in it.” – CUT.

10. Chu's “How's that for ya?” as he punches Yusuke in the stomach – CUT.

11. Scene where Yusuke punches Chu and ends in a stylized pose (after Kuwabara explains to Kayko why they're fighting) – CUT.

12. Scene where Chu punches Yusuke and ends in a stylized pose – CUT.

13. Scene's where they go back and forth between a close-up of Yusuke throwing punches and grinning from ear to ear, and a close-up of Kayko looking worried – CUT.

14. Scene where Chu punches Yusuke and knocking him off balance (Just before Chu goes for the head-but) – CUT.

15. Kayko and Kuwabara's reaction to the above hit – CUT.

16. Chu's “This one's gonna be bloody rotten on my hangover!” changed to “This one's gonna be bloody murder on the noggin!” as he's head-butting Yusuke.

17. Scene where Yusuke regains his balance, then pans down to show him cutting his foot on the knife blade – CUT.

18. Yusuke's “I guess you're better suited to tapping kegs than tapping heads, mate.” changed to “I guess you're better suited to cracking jokes than cracking heads, mate.”

19. Blood from Chu's right foot (caused by the knife blade) Removed.

20. Demon fan's “Come on! Kill that drunkin' loser, Urameshi!” – Muted.

21. Chu's reflection “Good oil. Urameshi's blood is worth bottling.” changed to “Yeah, you little bludger. He's got some backbone, that one.”

22. Yusuke's middle finger removed after seeing Toguro in the stands (instead of flipping him off, it looks like he's showing him a fist)

23. In Preview – Scene where Toguro punches his opponent in the stomach and blood sprays out of his back replaced with a scene of Kuwabara and Boton's reaction, then Yusuke's, and then the Masked fighters.

24. In Preview – “Crap... Okay, so maybe you are.” Changed to “Okay... So maybe you are”

25. In Preview – Shot where after Toguro punches Dusokoi and a geyser of blood comes out of his back – CUT just before the blood spray.

26. In Preview – Shot where after Toguro punches Gagaki and a geyser of blood comes out of his back – CUT just before the blood spray.

27. In Preview – Scene where Toguro's punches 2 demons and blood sprays out their back – CUT just before the blood spray.

28. In Preview – Scene where Toguro's punches a large ax wielding demon and it is cut in half – CUT just before the demon is cut in half.

This is one of the toughest episodes I've done so far. Not because of the number of edits, but because of the type and length of the edits. It's hard to describe what has been edited out when there is no markers to describe where it was originally. All things considered, I tried to do the best I could.

33. A Day in Waiting

1. In Recap – Scene where both fighters cut their feet on the knives – CUT.

2. Yusuke's “Dammit!” muted

3. Scene where a headless demon staggers back before collapsing – CUT.

4. Demon's severed head removed from M-3's grasp when he lands after his attack.

5. M-3 showing off the demons severed head to the crowd – CUT

6. Koto's “It's over in seconds yet again! And, with another decapitation!” – CUT.

7. The closing shot of Kurama in the crowd where Koto says, “I must admit, I'm starting to get attached to the move! No pun intended of course.” – CUT.

8. Scene where M-3, walking to the sidelines, throws the severed head on a pile at Dr. Ichigaki's feet – CUT.

9. Scene where M-2 cuts off the Minotaur's left arm at the shoulder – Shortened.

10. Scene where M-3 cuts off the Minotaurs right arm at the shoulder – CUT.

11. Scene showing the Minotaur howling in pain as his severed arms fall to the ground – CUT.

12. Scene where M-2 cuts off the Minotaurs head – CUT.

13. Out of focus shot where the Minotaurs head in the foreground and his body in the background added just before the doctor's lines. (actually, it was the last image of the last scene that was cut)

14. Scene where Sakyo takes a drag off his cigarette and walks toward the door in the suite replaced with a still shot of Sakyo seated and then a close-up of Sakyo's face.

15. Yusuke's reflection “Why am I so damn tired?” changed to “Why am I so tired?” when he's trying to balance.

16. Rugby's “Shut the hell up.” changed to “That's not what I had in mind.” To Topaz, when he decided to take out Yusuke outside the ring.

17. Scene where Rugby falls at Yusuke's feet with Topaz's ax sticking out of his back – CUT.

18. Yusuke's “Hey! Who the hell are you?” changed to “Hey! Who the heck are you?” asking the Masked Fighter.

19. Shizuru's “Then let's share a few brewskies!” just after she tosses a couple of cans toward Kayko and Boton – CUT.

20. The cans Shizuru tosses to Boton gets a makeover I guess it looked to much like a real beer can)

21. When Boton makes a toast to their them – Her beer can gets a makeover

22. Scene where Shizuru and Boton drink to their toast and Kayko says “Good old apple juice for me!” – CUT. (I guess this implies that the other two are not drinking apple juice =)

23. Shizuru's “You here?! You better win next time little bro!” – CUT.

24. Koto's “Ah, yes. A person who needs no introduction, the resident bad-ass of the Tournament!” changed to “Ah, yes. A person who needs no introduction, the resident bad-boy of the Tournament”

25. Yusuke's “Hasn't changed one friggin' bit.” changed to “Hasn't changed one stupid bit.”

26. Scene where after Toguro punches Dusokoi a geyser of blood comes out of his back – CUT.

27. In the scene where Dusokoi collapses on the ground, the hole through his chest, and puddle of blood after he hits the ground is removed.

28. Scene where after Toguro punches Gagaki a geyser of blood comes out of his back – CUT.

29. Scene where after Toguro punches both Babaki and Gorilla a geyser of blood comes out of their backs – CUT.

30. The hole in Gagaki's chest is removed as he collapses on the ground.

31. Scene where Topaz's ax is embedded in Toguro's shoulder and then pushed back out to a point where he can grab the blade – CUT.

32. Scene where after Toguro punches Topaz he breaks in half at the waist – CUT.

33. Scene where Toguro is walking off, the holes in Dusokoi, Gorilla, Babaki, and Gagaki are removed and the 2 halves of Topaz are stitched together. (Topaz seems taller in the edit =)

34. NOT AN EDIT – Kuwabara's “What kind of crap is this” left in.

Just because our hero's have some time off... doesn't mean that the censors have some time to relax.

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