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The Edit List
Witch Hunter Robin

by Kyle Pope,
Witch Hunter Robin: Introduction

Given what has gone before WHR is a rather understated title for Cartoon Network to pick up for Adult Swim. Not that I am not happy to see it there. It could mean that Adult Swim is ready to expand beyond the actioners that usually populate the block. For those not familiar Witch Hunter Robin concerns the exploits of Robin Sena, a new hunter with STN-J. STN-J hunts witches. Which is ironic given that Robin is a witch herself. The witches STN-J captures are turned over to a mysterious outfit called the Factory. What does the Factory do with the witches it takes into custody? I guess you'll have to watch and find out. While WHR has its share of action it is also very character driven. The action it does have is muted and understated, much like the color palette used in the series. I would say also that it is the most cerebral program Adult Swim has picked up. You're all in for a treat with this one. Depending on how well it does for Adult Swim, Sci Fi Channel may actually develop its plans for a live-action version.

Witch Hunter Robin: 01 Replacement

1) OP deleted. (This is an Adult Swim given.)

2) ED abbreviated.

3) Preview deleted.

I expect to be doing a lot of these. WHR is a very understated series. I don't recall anything that will push the limits of BS&P.

Witch Hunter Robin 02: Addicted to Power

1) Preview narration from previous episode used as episode opening.

A rather strange alteration but otherwise the episode was completely intact.

Witch Hunter Robin 03: Dancing in Darkness

1) Completely unedited

Other than the usual AS dropping of the OP and shortening of the ED I expect there'll be little alteration of the rest of the series.

Witch Hunter Robin 04: Stubborn Aesthetics

1) Completely unedited.

It would seem that AS is looking to give me as little to do as possible. For that I commend them.

Witch Hunter Robin 05: Smells Like the Wandering Spirit

1) Completely unedited.

Witch Hunter Robin 06: Raindrops

1) Completely unedited.

Witch Hunter Robin 07: Simple Mind

1) Completely unedited.

Witch Hunter Robin 08: Faith

1) Completely unedited.

Kyle Pope

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