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Isaac is a new, original character, not present in the FMA manga or the previous animated productions. He was expressly created for this new anime, and he was designed by Hiromu Arawawa herself (the manga original creator).

Aside from Romi Paku and Rie Kugimiya,several seiyüs from the 2003 FMA series do return to reprise their roles,such as Kenji Utsumi (Alex Louis Armstrong), Hidekatsu Shibata (King Bradley),and Keiji Fujiwara (Maes Hughes). While Yuji Ueda does return,he instead voices Jean Havoc.

Ed is left handed while Al is right handed

While Ed writes with his left hand, he is not actually left-handed; he teaches himself to write with his left due to being unable to write using his automail hand.

Episodes 16 "The Footsteps of a War Comrade" and 18 "On the Palm of an arrogant human being" are also the chapter titles for chapters 34 and 41, respectively

While the new series is,for the most part,a more faithful recreation of the original events in the manga,it actually trims down,splices together,and even skips events that were previously featured in the 2003 series,such as the "Battle on The Train" chapter.

Episode 20's title "The father standing before a grave" is also the title for chapter 42.

Episode 22's title "Distant Backs" is the shortened title for chapter 46.

Episode 24's title "Within the stomach" is another way of writing chapter 50's title.

Episode 25's title "The door of darkness" is also the title for chapter 51.

Episode 29's title "The Fool's struggle" is also the title for chapter 54.

Episode 31's title "The promise made for 520 cenz" is also the title for chapter 63.

Episode 33's title "The Northern Wall of Briggs" is also the title for chapter 64

Episode 34's title "The Ice Queen" is also the title for chapter 66.

Episode 43's title "Bite of the ant" is also the title for chapter 79.

Episode 44's title "A Full Recovery" is also the title for chapter 81.

Episode 45's title "The Promised Day" is also the title for chapter 83.

This is the first Fullmetal Alchemist related anime to not have Aaron Dismuke as the voice of Alphonse in the English Dub. Due to his voice changing after the dubbing of the first series. He was replaced by Maxey Whitehead, however he is still part of the cast as the voice of Young Van Hohenheim. Making this the first time he voices a Fullmetal Alchemist character who isn't Alphonse.

In the English dub, the metallic 'squink' in Alphonse's voice is created by using a metal bowl perched on top of a stand. The same technique was also used in the first dub of the 2003 series. Maxey Whitehead the new voice of Alphonse also remarked that Mike McFarland has never washed the bowl to prevent any misshaping.

Brice Armstrong, Dameon Clarke, and Lauren Goode were the only voice actors to not reprise their original roles or provide any voice work for this series English dub.

When the anime was first broadcasted in France (in october 2009), only the first episodes were on air, but the cast was changed, especially for the main characters (Edward & Alphonse). Curiously but deservedly, that created an outcry from many fans of the 2003 FMA series. As a consequence, Dybex (editor of the series for France but also for Belgium) announced in december 2009 that the French dub would be remade, with many of the actors from the first series, especially Arthur Pestel & Audrey Pic, who performed Edward & Alphonse in the original series.

In episode 9, at about 6:46 you can see Izumi Curtis, who is Ed and Al's master, and her husband Sigu Curtis walking in the background.

In Episode 10, when Maes Hughes is reading about the riots in Liore (roughly 11 minutes into the episode), some of the text on the newspaper page he's holding mention "April 29, 1992", "Los Angeles Policemen", and "Rodney King" among other key words. All references to the Rodney King Riots. This is most likely dummy text.

In episode 12: All is One and One is All, when Edward reflexes back to when both he and Al were near the point of starvation, Ed says, "If we were to die, we would become part of the Earth and become the grass, then the rabbits would eat the grass and then carnivores like us would eat the rabbits." He's talking about the food chain and the balance of life, relating that to alchemy, and is directly quoting the same lines Mufasa says to Simba in "The Lion King".

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