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During ep 1 around 14:00, the picture on the cell phone is Yuno from Hidamari Sketch

In ep 4, at around 8:10, there is a list of 4 premises. These 4 likely to be references to Sister Princess (12 little sisters), Negima (31 female students), One Piece (adventuring on a pirate ship), and probably Ah! My Goddess (beautiful woman coming out of the TV - Urd's introduction).

In episode 2, at around 8:15, the reference to the man who was the assistant to wrong man is a reference to the creator of Hayate no Gotoku! (Hayate the Combat Butler), Kenjirou Hata who was an assistant to Kôji Kumeta based on the characters shown with the person who resembles Hayate Ayasaki, Hinagiku Katsura, and Risa Asakaze

In episode 2, at around 10:14, Harumi Fujiyoshi dressed up as Ryoma Echizen from Prince of Tennis.

In episode 2, about 7:27, the guy in front of the Russian flag is Vladimir Putin, ex-president of Russia, who is also a formidable judoka.

in episode 2 the intro before the theme song is a detective conan/case closed spoof.

in episode 2 at around 6:46 there is a poster shown that has Suiseiseki from Rozen Maiden sitting on a guys shoulder.

In episode 2 at around 7:45 a poster is shown in the background that reads "King Of Pop". a reference to the American singer Michael Jackson.

in episode 2 at around 9:05 a quick flash of a Mcdonalds is shown only the M is spelled with a W and the logo is upside down.

in episode 2 at 14:53 - 15:05 Maria talks about a move called the seven-year killer. a reference to the jutsu One Thousand Years of Death from the anime Naruto.

in episode 3 at 10:44 - 11:13 ikkyu is on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, an american quiz show hosted by Regis Philbin.

In episode 4, at around 6:22, the robot show (Machine Voltes V) broadcasted in an unstable dictatorship is most likely a reference to the Marcos regime in the Philippines during 1979 which banned the airing of Choudenji Machine Voltes V, or better known as just Voltes V. The official reason was for excessive violence that would be a bad influence on the youth, while the true reason is the fear of the show's message and encouragement to rebel against tyranny. The show was finally broadcasted again 1986, after Marcos was finally deposed and exiled to Hawaii.

in episode 4 at around 3:25 chiri says "or the current Rambo's front line. A reference to the Rambo movies.

in episode 4 at around 12:53 Matoi says it would be better to be asked to draw something like deableepnote. a reference to the manga Death Note

in episodes 3 at around 20:09 and in Episode 4 at around 17:03 the overprotective comic guy is holding an issue of the manga Hayate the Combat Buter/Hayate no Gotoku.

In episode 4, at around 8'56", Matoi refers to a drama in which two young girls meet in a scene Matoi says to be totally illogic. Then, it is shown that those girls are sitting in a shinkansen, and one of them is phoning, the other is holding a cigarette. This refers to the meeting of Nana Komatsu & Nana Ōsaki, in Ai Yazawa's famous manga "Nana", that has been adapted in a movie drama and an anime.

in episode 5 at around 13:51 the people who ask chiri to join their group is really the Blue Man Group.

in episode 6 at around 21:03 Kafuka says "Gotta catch 'em all" when talking about the new cards. A reference to Pokemon.

In episode 6, right after the ending, a blue screen shows a warning message starting with "This is a fiction...". This very message quotes "Kyô Fujibayashi, Misuzu Kamio, Nagisa Furukawa, Fûko Ibuki, Kotomi Ichinose & Tomoyo Sakagami". It is to be reminded that Misuzu Kamio is one of the three main female characters from "Air", the other five girls are protagonists from "Clannad", and both animes were produced by Kyôto Animation, directed by Tatsuya Ishihara, and originally games by Key & Visual Arts. Actually, in the first segment of this episode ("The measles of Madison County"), right after the title screen, Majiru is watching an anime in which a girl says, "Hey Tomoya! This ball...". This certainly is the reference to "Clannad". The only detail that could refer to "Air" is the books Majiru stored in his room, when he is shown watching the TV.

In episode 7, ca. 16:06, when Earth is broken into halves, a symbol from Space Runaway Ideon (1980) is displayed. This may be a reference to the scene where the titular mecha Ideon breaks a planet into two parts.

in episode 7 at around 5:34 Kiri uses Dr **orton internet security as an example. a reference to Norton Internet security/anti virus.

in episode 7 at around 8:40 majiru says "Dont you know the three laws of robotics?" a reference to the movie I Robot.

In episode 7, at around 13', Chiri Kitsu deals with "scolding shôguns". One of the examples shown on the screen is a young man shouting to another, "Your sister is a [ censored ]". Looking at this sentence and the men's looks, this could be a reference to what happened during the 2006 FIFA World Cup Final, in Germany, between France and Italie.. During the extra-time, the Italian player Marco Materazzi called out to his French opponent Zinedine Zidane, and pretended he insulted his sister. This incident led Zidane to a headbutt in Materazzi's face, and a red card for the French player. Moreover, in the episode, both characters depicted look like Materazzi and Zidane (especially for their haircuts).

In episode 8, ca. 12:13 in, Light Yagami and Ryuk from Death Note briefly appear on-screen, immediately followed by Darth Vader's revelation that he is Luke's father (from Star Wars).

in episode 8 at around 4:48 when Nozomu is talking about surprises and the list apears behind him one of the things is "Nothing happaning to J*ck Bo*we over a period of 24 hours? no way" a reference to the tv show 24

In episode 8 at around 11:29-11:40 A quick detective conan/case closed spoof is shown.

In Episode 9, when Majiru and Kiri are watching the T.V., in the wall of the left there is a poster of Hare no Hi, Hiroshi Kamiya's first CD album. Hiroshi Kamiya is Nozomu's CV.

In episode 9, at about 8:52, Ikkyu is seen in a naked while saying "kimochi" or it feels good. This is a reference to Sousei no Aquarion in which Tomokazu Sugita, Ikkyu's VA also worked on as Sirius.

in episode 9 at around 12:33 the guy who answers the question about tax on DVDs has Suiseiseki from Rozen Maiden sitting on his shoulder. He is also the guy who was in the poster in ep 2 at 6:46.

in episode 10 at around 7:25 when chiri talks about russia and russian roulette the girls that appear on screen with a moon behind them are Kei and Yuri from Dirty Pair.

in episode 10 at around 17:53 when the list appears behind Nozumo one of the things says " how far can you run from the police in GTA". a reference to the game Grand Theft Auto

in episode 10 at around 18:27 one of the things on the list says "How close to Death Note can you draw something". a reference to the anime Death Note. also another one says "How long can you keep dating in your circle of friends (90210). a reference to the show 90210

in episode 11 at around 8:30 when it shows everyone wearing tinted glasses ikkyu is wearing a scouter. A reference to what the saiyans wore in Dragon Ball Z

in episode 11 at around 15:44 when the list appears behind Abiru one of the things says "Master Roshi ---> Chow Yun Fat". a reference to Master Roshi from Dragon ball Z.

in episode 11 at around 15:44 when the list appears behind Abiru a thing says " Pi showing up in speed Racer". A reference to the cartoon Speed Racer.

in episode 11 at around 15:44 when the list appears behind Abiru one thing says "Rage about the whole cast being replaced for the Simpsons Movie". A reference to the Simpsons Movie.

in episode 11 at around 18:03 behind Nozumo and Matoi are posters of Darth Vader. A reference to Star Wars.

in episode 12 at around 9:06 - 15:20 the missle that the whole part of the episode is about is one of the intercontinental ballistic missiles Kim Jong-il test fired on April 05, 2009 under the cover of a satellite.

in episode 13 at about 3:43 in the background there is a Micheal Jackson statue in the thriller pose.

in episode 13 the whole second part is called We Are Linus. this might be a reference to Linus from Charlie Brown.

in episode 13 at around 16:49 Kanon is listed as the Bronze Winner. A reference to the Manga version of Kanon

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