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"You may be a Kampfer, but you're not a Mobile Suit!" This line from the first episode is a reference to a certain Zeon mobile suit (MS-18E Kampfer) from Gundam 0080: War in the Pocket.

"The red ones are really three times faster!" This line from the second episode is another Gundam reference, both a reference to the original series (Gundam 0079) and a meme that applies to the entire franchise as a whole. This line in MSG referred to how Char Aznable's personal Zaku-II was three times faster than a regular Zaku-II, and Char prefers his mobile suits in red, thus the "Red = 3 times faster" meme. In Kampfer, Akane says this line in reference to Shizuku's red bracelet, with the irony being that Kampfer-form Akane has blood-red hair.

During episode 1, Natsuru and Akane are talking about Seppuku Kuro Usagi in the library. There's a drawing image including Yukari Tamura & Michiko Nomura in the magazine. Yukari Tamura plays the role of Seppuku Kuro Usagi while Michiko Nomura plays the role of Harakiri Tora.

In one of the pages in the same magazine that had information on Yukari Tamura and Michiko Nomura, there is a miscolored shot of the Turn A Gundam's face.

In the preview for episode 7 at the end of episode 6, the narration of Chissoku Norainu is similar to a summary of the Disney Movie "Finding Nemo"

In the preview for episode 8, Natsuru wears a skirt-flipping Harry Potter costume. These shoutout reference to J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter series.

Yukari Tamura also has a radio show based on the character role (Seppuku Kuro Usagi) itself. It is called "Mischievous Black Bunny".

Ep 9, around 2:57, Akane says "Believe in the me who believes in myself" a quote from Gurren-Lagann

Ep 9, around 3:03, you can see the character design artworks for Natsuru

In the preview for episode 10, the narration of Chissoku Norainu is a reference to Oppai Volleyball The teacher promise her 5 students to flash her boobs if they win the big tournament.

Note that all the White Kampfer's family name adopts their voice actress's family name, for example, Rika Ueda is Kana Ueda, Ryouka Yamakawa is Kotomi Yamakawa, Hitomi Minagawa is Junko Minagawa & Sayaka Nakao is Eri Nakao.

In Episode 3 during the introduction of the episode name it shows a scene that is similar to the opening scene of the popular yuri anime "Maria Sama Ga Miteru" in art nouveau style.

In episode 3, after 2-4 begin taking money for those wanting to see Natsuru, a few of the guests present as being "types" and may be parodies, referencing other anime. The first wants to be her sister, similar to the soeur system in "Maria Sama Ga Miteru",the second talks about melons and produces one similar to Melon in Akikan. The third, essentially scary-girl type could be referencing The Ring or any other similar horror or, parodying the main character of an anime of the same season broadcast, "Kimi ni Todoke".The fourth girl is in bondage and longs to be called names, not unlike a character in Detroit Metal City. The last girl is of typical pervert-type but is reminicent of characters in "Koharu Biyori" and "Midori no Hibi" in her longing to dress Natsuru up.

In episode 5, Natsuru holding his Microphone and give it a shoutout: "She's the soldier of Uranus and revolutionary girl who overshadows Haruhi even when she isn't melancholic.". These shoutouts similar to the reference of the anime series including Sailor Moon (Sailor Uranus), Revolutionary Girl Utena and The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya.

Also in episode 5, Shizuku wears a Zero cosplay costume. This costume reference to Code Geass franchise. Unfortunately, Kaori Nazuka plays the role as Nunally Lamperouge in the Code Geass series.

In episode 07, during the first half of the eye-catch, the outfit that is shown is a parody of Miku Hatsune's (from Vocaloid) outfit.

In episode 7 about 14 minutes in, when Natsuru is about to take a shower in Kaede's bathroom and she keeps interrupting him. When Natsuru turns around, the reflection of the mirror doesn't show his back, but a mirror image of his front.

In episode 8, Chissoku Norainu says: "Ippen shinde miru?". This catchphrase refers to Jigoku Shoujo and it is played by Mamiko Noto who also does the voice role as Ai Enma.

In episode 9. Natsuru's face has a look-a-like character like Kamina and Utena Tenjou during Akane's dream. These characters reference to Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann and Revolutionary Girl Utena.

In episode 10 arround 18:17, Norainu Chissoku, Tora Harakiri, Kanden Yamaneko and Seppuku Kuro Usagi are singing Ode to Joy.

In Episode 12, Around 18:47, Kuro Usagi Seppuku in Akane's body said "Sukoshi, atama hiya sou ka?" (or Would you like to cool your head a bit?) Is actually a reference to Episode 8 of Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Strikers. This is the same line said by Takamachi Nanoha, voiced by the same people, Tamura Yukari

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