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When Koume looses her ribbon in the tree, her line are lifted almost exactly from the "Aria's Ribbon" episode of Sister Princess.

when Anzu climbs up on Tsuchi's back/head, the pose is the same as Potemayo sitting on Sunao's head throughout "Potemayo"

Episode 4 : There were tons of references in this episode. First is when Hiiragi puts on sunglasses and carries a toy hammer, which is a reference to an old Japanese variety show called "Uchimura Produce" or "Uchi-P" for short. Soon after that scene, Anzu can be seen as Lum and Tsuchida as Ataru (Urusei Yatsura). And the taisho era scene where it shows Anzu with glasses and Tsuchida with an old fashioned school uniform is possibly a reference to "Haikara-san ga Tooru". Lastly, the ending card illustration by Iwasaki Masakazu features Hiiragi as Eagle One from Gatchaman.

Episode 5 - At the very beginning where they're discussing going undercover to spy on Tsuchida, Hiiragi cosplays as Detective Conan.

Episode 5 - Right after the Evangelion gashapon scene, the sign of neko-panda inside a watermelon split in half is a reference to Tama-chan (cat) from Sazae-san. The dance that Anzu mimics is also a reference to Tama-chan dance.

Episode 6 - During the pool scene where Hiiragi in a kappa suit shooting at Koume with a squirt gun, Hiiragi's line is "aim at the center and pull the switch", which is a reference to Evangelion episode 3 where Shinji target practices with a Sachiel simulation.

Episode 10: 13:10-13:25. one of the teacher is singing "Northern Lights" by Megumi Hayashibara, which was the second OP of Shaman King. Also in 20:45-21:00 You can hear another Megumi Hayashibara song "Over Soul" the First OP of Shaman King.

In episode 3 at about 20:08 (just after Nanako's father was asking her about Tsuchida on the phone) , two girls carrying guitars on their backs can be seen on the left hand side of the screen outside the bar/eating place Tsuchida is in. These two girls closely resembles Yui (on left) and Azuna (on right) from K-ON!.

In episode 5 at 4:43 Tsuchida buys a Neon Genesis Evangelion gashupon containing the character Makoto Hyuuga. The other three types of gashupon he could have bought from were Godzilla, Panda Neko or Power Rangers.

In episode 5 Hiiragi makes referances to Neon Genesis Evangelion Second Impact and Fullmetal Alchemist's Ishbal war as possible scenarios for which Yu-kun could be caught up in thus Koume would never get to confess to him.

In Episode 6, Hiiragi thinks about the definition of Sexiness using Coojle reminds with a famous search engine Google.

In Episode 7, Satsuki's talking to Tsuchi Angry while he is playing his Nintendo DS in his home

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