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SKET stands for "Support, Kindness, Encouragement, Troubleshoot."

Switch mentioned that Sugihara Teppei's, a character from Episode 1, favorite Mobile Suit was the Victory, which was a cross reference to Usso Ebin, the main protagonist and pilot of the Mobile Suit Gundam Victory, which was also voiced by the same seiyuu (Daisuke Sakaguchi).

At then end of ep 17, (at the airport) Bossun's fingers that he was using to play the bass were wraped with band-aids, a common occurence for new guitar and bass players.

In ep 19 (when Himeko and Switch try to cut Bossun's hair), a hair style in reference to Goku from the anime series Dragonball Z is shown.

In ep 20, a reference is made to a real life japanese tv show, however Bossun says "Cho-ten" instead of "Sho-ten." It should also be noted that there are other Sho-ten references throughout ep 20.

J-son sensei is a parody of Jason Vorhees, a very famous horror movie antagonist.

In ep 27, a reference to the anime "One Piece" is made when Switch is summarizing the next episode during the ending.

In ep 29, when Kura walks in with Dante, there is a reference to Haruhi from the anime, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya.

In ep 31, the phone that Shinzo uses is clearly a parody off the "Iphone" as it has a pear in place of where the apple logo would be.

In ep 31, when Shinzo is trying on clothes, Switch picks out a suit from "Dragon Ball Z", causing him to resemble Vageta.

In ep 31, Shinzo makes a reference to "Vageta" from the anime Dragon Ball Z, However he pronounces it "Vagenta."

In ep 31, during the 2nd commercial break's leaving and returing cutscene panels, both panels make a reference to "Bakuman." The first panel is in a manga style drawing and the second show a light blue feather floating down.

In ep 32, while Bossun is a ninja, he says Naruto's catch phrase "Belive it!" from the anime Naruto.

In ep 36, as Himeko, Bossun, and Switch are walking into the store, the song playing in the store is the ending theme "Milk and Chocolate" (ミルクとチョコレート) by ChocoLe.

In ep 43, when Bossun and Himeko go to see the movie, the movies title is comically named "Indie and Jaws". This is obviously a reference to the Indiana Jones movie series and the Jaws movie series.

In ep 43, when Bossun and Himeko are at the cafe, the music playing in the cafe is the same as the first opening, "Kakkowarui I Love You!" (カッコ悪い I love you!) by French Kiss.

In ep 43, when Bossun and Himeko are in the department store looking at clothes, the music playing in the background is the old ending song "Milk and Chocolate" (ミルクとチョコレート) by ChocoLe.

In ep 43, after the ending sequence, when Bossun, Himeko, and Switch are on the train, the snack they are eating is called "Pockin" instead of "Pocky".

In ep 47, after the ending song, Bosun says that Himeko looks like "Hilda". This is a reference to a character in the anime Beelzebub, who wears a maids uniform and also has blond hair.

In ep 52, the game system that Bosun is playing on is comically called a "DSP". This is obviously a play on the actually system, the "PSP".

In ep 59, toward the end, there is a play on the famous chocolate brand Godiva. The chocolate is comically renamed Gochiva

In ep 65, the toy store scene, there is a game called First Final. The box art and title are obvious plays on the actual game series Final Fantasy.

In ep 65, the toy store scene, the game that Tsubaki is holding comes from a comically named game company called PartyStable. This is obviously a play on the actual name PlayStation.

In ep 65, the toy store scene, the game that Tsubaki is holding is an obvious spin on the Mario Cart series as the character depicted on the back of the game very closely resembles Nintendo's Mario character.

In ep 71, there is a reference to the anime Ōkamikakushi.

In ep 75, there is a site mentioned called "" This is clearly a parody of the two famous video streaming sites and nico nico douga.

In episode 1, Switch references Bleach, telling the transfer student his "favourite Visored is Muguruma Kensei".

In episode 10, the entire beginning sequence is an obvious reference to a famous scene in Kimi ni Todoke, from the characters, the names, and the artwork.

In episode 16's eyecatch, Bossun does a parody on Michael Jackson in silhouette form, using his famous pose and "Hoo!" sound.

In episode 20, Himeko mistakes Seiji's name for Eiji, and imitates Eiji Niizuma from Bakuman in his pencil-pointing pose.

In Episode 26, Sket Dance X Gintama on the 2nd half of the anime,Switch after saying that he installed a time traveling function in the dimensional transporter, Switch added tutturū at the end, reference to Mayushii from Steins;Gate which she typically sings when she arrives or introduces herself.

In episode 38, The walk Bossun, Himeko and Switch do after getting out of the burning house is reminiscent to the movie "Armageddon".

In episode 71, when Switch is looking up something on the computer in the second half, Tear and Luke from Tales of the Abyss can be seen on the screen.

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