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In ep 1, there is a reference to Pokemon during the rooftop school battle.

There are three One Piece references in the beginning of episode 2.

In ep 7 at 12:58 the computer game minesweeper appears on screen.

In ep 7 at 18:53 a picture of the Tokyo Big Sight convention center is shown in space. Apparently Nyaruko attends Space Comiket in August and December.

In ep 8 at 1:11 a white Tamagachi can be seen in the box of toys.

Mahiro is stuck in a dating sims game in ep 8.

The voice of Deity Hunter Yasaka Yoriko is Hisakawa Aya, doubtlessly a reference to the Anime "Mamono Hunter Yôko", where Hisakawa had the lead role of Mano Yôko.

In episode 1,around 08:35 the massive ordnance behind Nyaruko is a Schwerer Gustav,a massive 80 cm K (E) Super Heavy Railway Gun developed by Nazy Germany during the World War II.

In episode 1,when always hit by Mahiro,Nyaruko mentioned Gaza C,Gaplant and Braw Bro is a reference to Mobile Suit and Mobile Armor in Mobile Suit Gundam Universe.

In episode 1,in around 16:48 when Mahiro surprised how Nyaruko had a time to make the lunch,and Nyaruko replied"a clock up Nyarlathotepian",a reference to the Clock Up system in Kamen Rider Kabuto which allows the Rider to move at high speed.

In episode 3,the DK-do space cake bakeries is a reference to Kamen Rider Decade and the owner of it was D.Endo another reference to another rider in Kamen Rider Decade that is Kamen Rider the Diend(the End).

In episode 3, the DK-do cake design is based on the Decadriver, Kamen Rider Decade's transformation belt.

In Episode 3, while battling Nightgaunts and Ghouls, Nyaruko used a chainsaw to maw them down. Afterwards she said "もう一度無益オブジェクト をカットしています" (once again I cut a worthless object), a famous line always said by "Ishikawa Goemon XIII" from the anime series "Lupin Sansei".

In episode 4,the car that used by Luhy Jistone and also used in episode 5 after kidnapping Yoriko Yasaka,is a DeLorean DMC-12,this car is popular after its appearance as a time machine in American science-fiction adventure film Back to the Future trilogy.

In episode 4, 5, 9 and a few other, everything related to the Deity Hunter is a reference to the game series Monster Hunter. We can see multiple things that look like Monster Hunter stuff, like the book "Hunter Frontia" Yoriko hold in episode 4 wich has a really similar artcover to the Monster hunter's ones. The armor and weapons when refering to Yoriko'swork looks a lot like the primitive armors of the game. The music playing whenever Yoriko talks about her Deity Hunter work is quite similar to the Monster Hunter main theme too.

In episode 4, when Yoriko and Cthuko/Ku-ko are playing games on the living room, at around 12:38, Yoriko says she will use a Sonic Bomb. They're obviously playing Monster Hunter, the sonic bomb is an item in that game, and the anime already had a few other trivia about the Monster Hunter series.

In episode 5, minute 3:40, Nyaruko makes a reference to Sherlock Holmes.

In episode 5, Nyaruko throws a Pokeball from Pokemon to release her car.

In episode 5, at 16:43 Nyaruko argues that her car can handle Red Canyon and Fire Field. These are both stages from the original F-Zero game for the SNES.

In episode 6, at 06:43 into the episode, Kuuko appears, rolled up in a sleeping bag like Erio Touwa (Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko) is famous for.

In episode 6, at point 13:32, Yasaka Yuriko says the words, "Despair awaits you at the finish!" Most likely this is homage to Kamen Rider Accel, when Accel normally defeats the dopants.

In episode 8 Mahiro this into a parody of Konami game: Tokimeki Memorial.

In episode 8, in the 4th minute Nyaruko and Mahiro mimic a scene from Working!

In episode 8, at minute 8, Nyaruko, Hasuta and Kuuko mimic to Keima Katsuragi, star of The World God Only Knows.

In episode 8 shows two scenes from "The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya". The first is between Kuuko that mimics Ryoko Asakura and Mahiro which is in the place of Kyon. The second is between Nyaruko, which mimics Haruhi singing "God knows evil", a parody of "God Knows", the song he had sung Suzumiya.

In episode 8, about 18 minutes there is a reference to School Days.

In episode 8, about 20 minutes there is a reference to The World God Only Knows.

In episode 8, during the fight scene with Nyarlko and Cthuko, Hastur is actually dressed as the trap character named Bridget from the fighting game Guilty Gear.

In episode 8, Hastur produces a Hand Maid Hastur doll, which is a reference to Hand Maid May when May was 1/6th size. Further, Hastur's seiyuu, Rie Kugimiya, was the voice of CBD Rena-chan in Hand Maid May.

In episode 8, Yoriko uses the "Saiyuusen jikou yo!" (This is a top priority!) catchphrase from Onegai Teacher.

In episode 8, just before Nyaruko, Kuuko and Hasuta begins to fight, Nyaruko says: 疾走する本能 (Shissō Suru Honnō) 目覚めろ、その魂 (Mezamero, sono tamashii) 戦わなければ、生き残れない!! (Tatakawanakereba, ikinokorenai!!). Those are the catchphrases from Kamen Rider 555 (Faiz), Kamen Rider Agito and Kamen Rider Ryuuki. Also, while saying those phrases, Nyaruko also does the respective Kamen Rider pose.

In Episode 8, when the three-way battle on "Chi no Valentine" is about to begin, Nyaruko spouts "Mezamero sono Tamashii". This is the famous tagline for the Tokusatsu Series: "Kamen Rider Agito".

In episode 8, Nyaruko is wearing a suit similar to Pai Chan of the Virtua Fighter series; Kuuko wears a suit similar to Shiranui Mai of the Fatal Fury/King of Fighters series; Hasuta wears a suit similar to Bridget of the Guilty Gear series (fittingly so, because Hasuta is also a trap).

In episode 9, although not a certitude, when Mahiro orders Cthuko(using approximatively "I, Mahiro Yasaka, command you"), and Cthuko answering by "Yes your highness", it's a possible reference to Code Geass, imitating Lelouch(although without using the Geass), and reusing the typical "Yes your highness" that is regurlarly appearing during Code Geass

in episode 9, around 05:06, you can see a poster of a Digimon Adventure although it was slightly changed.

In episode 10, when Yoichi, possessed by a Yth(Isurugi), plans to conquer Earth, he says "Shinryaku shiyo ja nai ka", which means approximatively "Isn't it a fine time for an invasion". In fact, he says it in that specific way to mimic Ika Musume/Squid Girl's way of speaking, from the anime Shinryaku !! Ika Musume!

In episode 10, after Nyarlko and Mahiro kissed, Nyarlko said something about the kiss, designating it by "Zankoku na Tenshi no Baiser"("un baiser", meaning "a kiss" in French), or "A cruel Angel's Kiss" in english. It is a reference to Neon Genesis Evangelion's Opening song "Zankoku na Tenshi no These", in english "A cruel angel's thesis". It's playing on the similar pronunciation of Baiser and These("Be-ze" and "Te-se" in japanese pronunciation).

In Episode 10, after the French kiss that Nyaruko gave Yasaka Mahiro the enemy fired its beam cannon a second time, Nyaruko negated the attack by putting up a barrier with her hand. The barrier looks very similar to the "A.T. Field" that the "Eva Units" from the anime "Shin Seiki Evangelion" produces.

In episode 11, Nyaruko says almost says "Pretty Rhythm" instead of "Pretty lips". Kana Asumi, who plays Nyaruko also played the main character, Aira, in Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream.

In episode 11, judging from the shape of the controllers, Nyarlko, Cthuko and Hasuta are playing a N64 at the beginning. Seeing how they speak about drift, bananas and shells, we can assume they are playing Mario Kart 64.

In episode 12, at 16:50, Yuriko attacks with her forks, like Sebastian does in Black Butler. She also says "Count up your Crimes" like Kamen Rider W would say when battling dopants.

In episode 13 or the OVA, when Nyaruko went to fight the Nightgaunts, the setting looks similar to the fight of Mikoto Misaka and Awaki Musujime in To Aru Majutsu no Index 2.

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