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In Episode 1, in the first scene, Nyaruko parodies of the opening of Bewitched, famous American series.

In Episode 1, in the first minute resumes the opening of the first season.

In episode 1, there are several references to the series Oreshura. At 14:38 there is a poster for the series hanging from the series, and at 15:00 Nyarko holds novels featuring the characters Chiwa, Eita, Ai, and Hime.

In Episode 1, Nyaruko and Kuuko imitates to Main Character of Lucky Star, Konata.

In Episode 1, when Nyaruko talks about going to tea after school, makes a pun that mention "Hōkago Tea-Time", the K-On! band.

In Episode 1, Kuuko mimics Will Smith, in his role in Men in Black.

In Episode 1, when Nyaruko speaks of the "center", a reference to the program of Idols "AKB0048". It also speaks of a song by the band.

In episode 1, Hasta says "Onii-chan Dakedo Ai Sae Areba Kankeinai Yo Ne?". This is with reference to an anime of the same name

In episode 1, after Nyaruko and Tamao talk about a dark place, Nyaruko does the henshin pose of Kamen Rider Black

In episode 1 at 15:30, the doujinshi that Hasuta holds resembles the doujinshi that appears in episode 3, at 14:06, of Humanity Has Declined.

In episode 1 at 24:19, "[email protected]" that Nyaruko mentions is likely a reference to [email protected], in which the protagonist Sasami is voiced by the same seiyuu for Nyaruko.

In episode 1, Nyaruko talks about a website called yamanso.com, it is a parody of amazon, an online webstore. The logo is alike, yamanso being amazon's upside down.

In episode 2, while at the library Mahiro finds a volume called "The Deity's Memo Pad", a reference to the light novel series "Heaven's Memo Pad".

In episode 2, while at the takoyaki stand, Luhy asks if the protagonists are in trouble again, causing Kuko to respond "Our troubles are always darkness"; a reference to the manga series To Love-Ru and the sequel To Love-Ru Darkness.

In episode 3, a deity called the "Great Monkey Alaozaru" is created, a pun on the Dragon Ball series' Saiyan transformation Oozaru, to which Alaozaru also bears a physical resemblance.

In Episode 3, when Nyarlko and the gang stumbles upon Zhar and Lloiger, she flashes her phone and says their from Judgement- a line in which Kuruko in the "To Aru" series uses when apprehending criminals

In episode 3 at around 5:29 when Nyaruko states charges against the aliens, she mimics the same manners as the Dekarangers do it (Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger)

In episode 3, Nyaruko uses a Reigan (Spirit Gun) attack exactly like Yuu Yuu Hakusho

In episode 4 there are references to Evangelion (Yashima sakusen - Yashima plan) 15:37 to 15:39 and Code Geass (Balack Rebellion) 15:46 to 15:49

In episode 4, when Nyaruko talks about Shanta on a quest, and everything related to that quest that happens afterwards, are a reference to Monster Hunter games.

In episode 5 before the OP song, the scene parodies Kamen Rider W Cyclone Joker form

In episode 5 when Ku-ne brings out the recorder, the mic test is a parody to Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu

In episode 5, when Kuune appears, she says "You are already dead", which is a reference to Hokuto no Ken.

In episode 6, while thinking of names at the bookstore, Kuko combines her name with Mahiro's to come up with Kuroko. She then says that a boy with that name should play basketball, a reference to the series Kuroko's Basketball.

In episode 6, during Mahiro and Kuuko's date, Kuune said that she said something about "destroying the illusion." This phrase is used by Touma Kamijou in the "To Aru" seiries when battling with an opponent.

In episode 6, Nyarlko said that if she were to have a notebook that kills someone that has their name written in it, the notebook should be the one that is used in Death Note.

In episode 6, in addition to the one said about the name Kuruko, when Kuuko said that if the child is a girl that they should send her to Academy City, this is pertaining to Kuruko Shiina of the "To Aru" Series.

in episode 6 Kuune does a imitation of Rikka Takanashi invoking the tyrants eye from Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions.

In episode 6, as said previously, when Kuuko comes up with the name Kuroko for their child and said she'd send her to Academy City if it's a girl, this is a reference to Shirai Kuroko from the To Aru series.

In episode 6, during the episode middle break, Kuuko says something like "how's this, Mahirose", while Mahiro is spreading his arms, and Kuuko holds him by the hips. This is a reference to Titanic's scene, where Jack is holding Rose the same way. Mahirose is obviously a pun between Mahiro and Rose.

In episode 7 at the 9:50 mark, Wilson the volleyball from the Tom Hanks film Castaway is shown on the beach.

In episode 7, Nyaruko says to Mahiro: "Anna issho datta no ni, yugure wa mou chigau iro". This is from the lyrics of the 1st ED song of Gundam SEED

In episode 7, when Nyaruko says they drifted to a desert island, she adds that they can call that "Nagasarete island". This is a reference to the manga "Nagasarete Airanto".

During Kuuko and Shantak-kun's conversation in episode 8, the way Kuuko pulls out stuff is similar to Doraemon.

In episode 8 before the OP song, there is a mention by the narrator about a "girl with menacing eyes" and a "lazy boy who doesn't like to be stared at". This is with reference to Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakama-tachi. In that anime, Satomi Arai does the narration. She is also the seiyuu for Shantak-kun, who is the center for this episode

In episode 9, the video game that Ku-ne was playing was a parody of Digimon World Re:Digitize for the PSP.

In episode 9, when Nyaruko pulls out a sword, this is reference to Kamen Rider 000

In episode 9, when Agent Smith starts talking, the evolution animation from skull to human is with reference to the 1st OP of Gundam ZZ

In episode 10 at the 18:53 mark, the Mi-go aliens are defeated after a ringtone is played on Nyarko's cell phone, which is a parody of the American film Mars Attacks.

In episode 10 when Kuuko connects the Nyaruko's phone to a loudspeaker, she imitates the Plug-In speech from the Rockman.EXE series

in episode 10 at 2:35 Kūko makes a reference to confessing her love under a everlasting cherry tree while they are discussing bishoujo games this is a da capo reference.

In episode 10, when the alien's boss is about to die, he says "Deculture". It is a reference to Macross Frontier, which used the word too, and is also focused on songs(to resolve conflict for example).

In episode 10, at the beginnng, Nyaruko says to go to some places at school and make some "tokimeki memorials". This is a reference to the game and anime Tokimeki Memorial.

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