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There are countless names in this anime which are related to modern-day weaponry. Starting from main characters' family name: Casull is the name of .454 pistol catridge. Interestingly, Winchester, one of the most famous armory in US, manufactures .454 Casull catridges, and the name "Winia Chester" is actually from 'Win' + 'Chester' = 'Winchester'. Other roles including (but not limited to) Armalite (original manufacturer of AR-15/M-16 assault rifle), Peters-Stahl (German pistol company), Galil (Israeli rifle family), Sokom (could be SOCOM, US Special Operations COMmand), Bergens (military backpack), Steyr (Austrian firearms company), Barrett (US sniper rifle company). The two nations are Rheinmetall and GIAT, German and French manufacturer for 120-mm smoothbore gun for their tanks, Leopard II and LeClerc, respectively. Two horses of the Casulls are Dragunov (Russian sniper rifle) and Makarov (Russian pistol). Please add up and/or correct the list if you find anything new or mistaken.

Also CZ (Ceska Zbrojovka), Browning, and Mauser(all of which are firearms manufacturers)

Sturm [Storm] (better known as Sturm, Ruger & Co.), Sauer (the German company of SIG-Sauer; SIG is Swiss), and Taurus (which is Brazilian) are also gun manufacturers.

Leo's horse, Parabellum, is the name for the universal 9X19mm pistol round.

Peacemaker is the famous Colt .45in revolver connected with the Old West.

Borchard could be Borchardt. Hugo Borchardt was the designer of one of the very earliest viable semiautomatic pistols, the C/93. It was a direct ancestor to the famous German Luger.

There are some references to Nordic mythology in spell casting. Naturally Raquel's huge spell in Ep. 1 invokes Thor, the Nordic God of Thunder. Also in Ep. 14 she casts a lower-level spell invoking Mjollnir, Thor's Hammer.

Also we could add the reference to the 'chained beast' in Raquel-nee's invocations in order to reveal the true nature of the peacemakers' 'rally points', believing that they refer to Fenrir, the great wolf who is chained beneath the world and will swallow Odin in the Ragnarok. Finally, Seness' fortress, the Skid, could very well be Skidbladnir, Freyr's boat, built by the dwarf Dvalin, which could be folded and easily hidden in a pouch; when fully deployed, however, it always sails directly towards its target, and can travel over sea or land alike.

The 'Gigas' are probably the Giants (latin 'gigas') who return in the Ragnarok to destroy the Gods.

Manhurin, the town where the Casulls come from, is also the name of Manufacture du Haut Rhin (Manhurin), a weapons manufacturer that's been producing since the 1920s. Manhurin started producing Walther handguns (PP, PPk and P38) that the Germans couldn't produce anymore after WWII.

Ginnunggap in Nordic mythology is the "yawning void" that existed before the creation of the gods, similar to the "tohu wa-bohu" (formless void) of Genesis.

Continuing on the weapons theme, Leo's full name is Leopolde Scorpse. Leupold is the name of a famous manufacturer of rifle scopes.

The anime is actually adapted from the novels by Ichiro Sakaki-sensei. The manga of the same title is also adapted from those novels. The novels are currently still being written.

The Crest of Arms of the Lienvon empire is a pair of crossed rifles on a black field, continuing along the modern-arms theme. It is best seen in ep. 14 as Leo and Winiea enter the city gates.

The character Cardinal Hogue is named after Hogue, Inc., an American company which makes firearm accessories.

The type of currency used in the show, cetme, refers to CETME, a type of Spanish battle rifle.

Fulle/Furet could allude to the weaponry term 'fuller' - a groove or slot found in bayonets, knifes, and swords; this technique is used to lighten the blade. This is befitting as Fulle's weapons of choice are daggers.

In episode 14, the weird shellfish next to the lobster is a horseshoe crab (kabutogani), a delicacy in East Asia. It is an extremely ancient creature, with fossils found as early as 360 million years ago. It has the peculiarity of having blue (copper-based) blood instead of red (iron-based) blood. A suitable dish for a royal princess!

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