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The instant coffee in the first episode has the label: 'Hescafe Special Blend'. The logo is from 'Nescafe'.

The "zuka-bu" (or "Zuka Club") in episode nine is a riff on the Takarazuka Revue, an all-female Japanese theater troupe famous for its cross-dressing actresses and flamboyant costumes. Takarazuka's performances were among the primary inspirations for the style of early shoujo manga in the '60s and '70s.

Lady Eclair's last name, "Tonnerre" means "thunder" in French.

In the final episodes, Eclair Tonnere appears. Her name is a playful French rhyme of the words "éclair" and "tonnerre". However it's more than it seems: her name has some meaning to it. "Éclair" is French for "lightning". "Tonnerre" (as mentioned above) is French for "thunder". So, her name means "Lightning Thunder".

In episode twenty, the book Kyouya is reading is "Literary Selections by Dazai Osamu: The Setting Sun." Osamu is a Japanese author who lived from 1909 to 1948, and was known for his self destructive behavior early in life.

Hikaru's ringtone is Shissou, the ending for the anime.

In both this and Death Note the music and the male lead have been the same two people - Lead: Mamoru Miyano and Music: Yoshihisa Hirano.

As mentioned before, Eclair Tonnerre's name translated into English means Lightning Thunder- these are the only two things Haruhi is afraid of.

Troy Baker auditioned for the role of Kyoya Otori in the English version and would've got the role, but due to his busy schedule he was unable to work on the show. The role eventually went to J. Michael Tatum. He has commented that Tatum did a better job then he ever could've done.

In episode 3, during the physical examination, as Tamaki apologizes to Haruhi, when she turns around she bears a striking resemblance to Yagami Light of Death Note. Ironically both Tamaki and Light's seiyuu is Mamoru Miyano and as Tamaki he is being glared at rather than glaring at someone else as he often does as Light.

In episode 4, Kyoya point out the Hollywood director that directed the vampire movie "Sennen no Yuki". This "Sennen no Yuki" (One thousand years of snow) is another work done by the original creator Hatori Bisco. And of course, one of the main characters is a vampire.

In episode 4, the love simulation game that Renge plays is called Uki Doki Memorial and is an imitation of the actual love simulation game "Tokimeki Memorial".

The piano piece played by Shiro in episode 6 and Tamaki in episode 15 is the first movement of the Mozart Sonata in D Major for 2 Pianos K.448.

In episode 7, Renge cosplays as Kisaragi Quon from the anime RahXephon.

In Episode 7, when asked who she was supposed to be, Renge replied "Lala." Asside from this being Quon's oft-repeated line, Lala is also the manga magazine that Ouran runs in (one of the twins comments that isn't Lala a manga magazine).

In episode 8, when Hunny attempts to find Haruhi's weakness by trapping them together in a dark truck, he yells 'it's dark and confining and scary' ('kuraiyo, semaiyo, kowaiyo')- also the cry of nyctophobic character Shuutaro Mendou from Urusei Yatsura.

In episode 9 Renge cosplays Hanamura Benio from Haikara-san ga tooru.

In episode 9 Haruhi's mechanical pencil has the logo of Bones, the animation studio, on it with the text "B's Electric."

In episode 9, Hikaru can be seen playing on a Nintendo DS.

In episode 9, after the Zuka Club introduce themselves Takashi Morinozuka is very reminiscent of Guts from Berserk when he is swinging the sword repeatedly over his head.

Edward Elric of Fullmetal Alchemist makes a cameo in episode 16, in the form of a ball Hikaru is showing Haruhi.

In episode 16, Hikaru is listening to Ouran's ending theme, Shissou.

In Episode 17, Kyouya's Reluctant Day Off, on top of the mall there is an advertisment board saying with a bone and "BON" written on it, most likely a reference to Studio BONES.

In episode 19 the banana that Tamaki Slips on has a Del Monte banana sicker on it.

The song Haruhi lip-synchs to in episode 19 is Little Wing by Kawabe Chieko. Some people may think the song is Cry Baby since the two songs sound alike, but the lyrics are different; the lyrics are from Little Wing which is in the album Brilliance as well as Cry Baby (the former being track 5 and latter track 8). http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ouran_High_School_Host_Club

In episode 20, the twins can be seen sharing a book on the fountain. Its title appears to be "The FASI- BOO." This is in fact, the mini copy of "The Fashion Book," published by Phaidon, whose name also appears on the cover.

In episode 20, Kaoru and Kyouya are reading some rather heavy literarure for fourteen and fifteen year olds (respectively). Kaoru is reading a book by philosopher C.G. Jung titled "(Relations of the) Ego and Unconscious" and Kyouya is reading novels by one of the most famous Japanese authors, Dazai Osamu: "The Setting Sun" and "No Longer Human."

In episode 23, the tower of cans that Kasanodas men stacked are parodies of actual soft drinks. 7-Up and Sprite, become 8-up and Urite/Trite

In episode 25 laptop that Kyoya uses has a symbol of pineapple in it. This may be a pun of Apple laptop.

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