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The strongest piece of evidence suggesting that Naga is Amelia's sister is a quote from 'Blaster Magazine' - Mr.Kanzaka's official fanclub magazine:"Naga the Serpent's actual name is Gracia Ul Naga Saillune. She is the first princess of Prince Philionel El Di Saillune and the elder sister of Ameria Wil Tesla Saillune. Prince Philionel met a woman during his private journey. He brought her to his castle and married to her. They had two daughters, Gracia and Ameria. Ameria was born seven or eight years later. Naga studied magic spells in the castle. The daughters of Saillune family usually become priestesses, so Gracia (she uses this name in Saillune) studied white magics, but she loved to study shamanistic magic spells and black magic spells. At that time she dressed normally. She is thought to wear a robe of a priestesses. Ameria was too young to study magic then. When Gracia was 16 or 17 years old, Booley, the assassin came to the castle in order to kill Gracia, but her mother was killed in place of her. Gracia ran into mother's room and killed Booley with her magic spell Chaos String (this spell makes strings of magical power). Gracia's mother was killed with knife and the room was a bloodbath. (This is cause of her reaction to blood.) After the funeral, Gracia found that bikini costume in mother's closet. She regreted that she couldn't save her mother and she decided to study more offensive magic spells. She started her journey wearing mother's keepsake. So nobody of her family knows that Gracia is wearing that awful costume. Naga met with Lina Inverse when she was about 19 and Lina was 13 years old then. Before Lina met with Gourry, Naga left her.."

Mages of great power or importance are awarded colors rather like titles, and most make a great deal of this, dressing in the color and introducing themselves with the full title. Lina, however, was completely embarrassed by the color she was awarded, and attempts to keep it a closely-guarded secret that her entire title is actually "Lina the Pink Sorceress".

Lina Inverse is a playable hero in the famous map of Warcraft III The Frozen Throne, DotA Allstars.

It is believed that Gourry's grandparents were a diminutive swordsman named Rowdy Gabriev and an elf named Meriloon from Slayers the Motion Picture, which means Gourry himself may be part elf.

The only Slayers TV series to feature a different English actor doing the voice of Zelgadis. After Daniel Cronin only did the voice for a few episodes, Crispin Freeman inherit the role by episode 18. Since then he became the only English voice actor to do the voice of Zelgadis in all five Slayers TV series and one Slayers movie.

Rights to air on US TV were acquired by FoxKids (who outbid Cartoon Network at the time who expressed an interest) when anime exploded due to the surprise success of Sailor Moon in 1995. However, FoxKids decided against airing any episode due to the nature of the show being a geared to more adult that kids, and has since lets their rights expire.

It is strongly believed that Naga the Serpent (Lina's previous rival/traveling companion) is really Gracila ul Naga de Sailune, the older sister of Amelia Wit Tesla Sailune. Some clues that viewers have pointed out include: 1. When Lina laughs like Naga, Amelia tells her it reminds her of her sister. 2. In episode #17 of Slayers, right after Gourry and the others show off their new disguises, someone dressed like Naga walks by the camera, and Amelia double-takes. 3. Aside from that, you never see Amelia and Naga in the same place. They both show up in both Slayers Royal video games, but never in the same scene. Naga meets Gourry, and occasionally even Zelgadis, but never Amelia. 4. In Slayers TRY, when Amelia and Gourry are walking arm-in-arm, Gourry makes the comment that Amelia's getting taller. She notes that her older sister is about Gourry's height. Let the record state that Gourry is about the same height as Naga. 5. Naga calls herself "Naga, the White Serpent", and it can be noted that Seyruun's royal seal consists of a white serpent.

In episode 17, there is a Zelgadis toy shown at around 17:26.

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