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Hayate the Combat Butler (TV)

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In Vol. 114 of WEB Sunday BACKSTAGE with Kenjirou Hata, according to Hayate the Combat Butler creator and manga artist himself, Kenjirou Hata was asked which voice actors fit the images of his characters in Hayate. Kenjiro Hata recommended Ryouko Shiraishi as Hayate [Ayasaki], Rie Kugimiya as Nagi [Sanzenin], Rie Tanaka as Maria, and Shizuka Itou as Hinagiku [Katsura]. The anime staff chose to use the voice actors Kenjirou Hata had recommended to play these characters.

On episode 2 (around 18:09), when Hayate is imagining himself being attacked by 'pirates'. The pirates their definitely resembles Revy and Dutch from Black Lagoon. And that Hayate being recruited afterwards makes him portray Rock from Black Lagoon as well.

Episode 2: The statue Hayate cleans is of Conan from the Detective Conan anime and manga series.

Episode 2: After envisioning his "pirate" journey, Hayate has a straw hat on his head and talks about being a pirate king; a One Piece reference.

Episode 2: Like when it was referred to in another anime (The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya), the word "Gundam" has been bleeped several times in the episode.

Episode 2: When Maria speaks to Klaus about Hayate, Klaus's pose is likely a reference to Gendou from Neon Genesis Evangelion.

Episode 2: When Nagi saves Hayate in "disguise" she's parodying many mahou shoujo anime but most likely Sailor Moon in particular. Early in the manga Sailor Moon used to wear a mask like Sailor V, and in both the anime and manga, Tuxedo Mask wore a mask.

Episode 3: The title, "The Beast, Robot, and Butler that Kinda Shout Love at the Center of the World" is a reference to the title of Neon Genesis Evangelion's last episode, "The Beast that shouted 'I' at the Heart of the World"

Episode 3: The word being bleeped out a few times for video games is "Sony"

Episode 3: Nagi, as “Mask the Money,” repeats Sailor Moon’s famous phrase, “In the name of the Moon, I’ll punish you,” (replacing “Moon” with “money”), complete with Sailor Moon’s classic pose sequence.

Episode 3: When explaining where the tiger Tama came from to Hayate, Maria states that Nagi found him all alone in Africa, away from his mother, and took him in. What is noteworthy is that tigers do not actually live in Africa and never have.

Episode 3: When Nagi says that Hayate becomes more powerful every time he transforms, and that he still has two more transformations left, Hayate tells her this isn’t true. When she asks if he’s sure, he replies, “I’m not ****za.” The **** is bleeped, but this is a reference to “Frieza,” a villain from Dragonball Z who has several transformations, each more powerful than the last.

During the 0:48 mark of Episode 4, Tama mentions that "if you see me in the world of Pocket ********, which is now ten years old, I have a Pika***-like role," when he is talking to Hayate. This is an obvious reference to Pocket Monsters/Pokémon, as well as the infamous Pikachu, the world's most famous Pokémon.

Episode 04: the combat between Hayate and Katsura-sensei is a parody of Saint Seya, with changing dimension, the choreography used by Katsura-sensei is the infamous Hyoga's "Diamond Dust"(6:53 - 7:07), cosmos citation, and a change in the character design of Hayate while laying down , to a "Kurumada Masami"-style (5:36)

Episode 04: Katsura-sensei while saying the Shinsengumi"s motto "Aku Soku Zan", her pose is the kamae of the "Gatotsu", Hajime Saito's sword thrust technique from Rurouni Kenshin

Episode 4: When Hayate first gets into the school, his appearance (headband and beard), as well as hiding in a box, is a reference to the video game series "Metal Gear" and its main character, Snake.

During Episode 5, after Hayate kicked and punched all of the octopi back into the delivery van, several people are seen clapping for Hayate. Among the small crowd, Ginta Toramizu and Dorothy from MÄR can be seen.

In the opening of the anime, the three robots that Hayate attacks are (from the left to right) Optimus Prime, Gundam, and Tetsujin 28.

Episode 5: When Hayate jumps from tree to tree while carrying Isumi in his arms in slow motion, he is parodying off of how Inuyasha jumps and carries Kagome from the anime Inuyasha. (although the majority of the time, Inuyasha carries Kagome on his back)

During Episode 7, when Wataru was talking to Hayate in the video store about "treasures that can't be said out loud," the name of the particular title that Wataru said that was "censored" by the truck outside of the store is most likely Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann, a Spring 2007 title by GAINAX.

Episode 5: Hayate is wearing Otonashi Kyoko's (Maison Ikkoku) PIYO-PIYO apron while watering flowers. This is clearly visible later. (~ at 00:09:00)

Episode 5: (~ 00:16:48) Hayate is encouraging himself. He repeats "I must run away" many times. Ikari Shinji's (Evangelion) problems with "running away" were exact opposite of Hayate's. His line was "I must not run away."

The vending machine in the park has "Synergy" written on the side. SynergySP is the production company animating Hayate.

In the preview of episode 7 at the end of episode 6, the final line is "Service Service" which is from Evangelion's previews.

The title of episode 7 is the same as the title of episode 19 of Neon Genesis Evangelion

In the preview for episode 8, the final line is "I'll serve the Earth's Future ~nyan" which is from Tokyo Mew Mew.

The title of episode 8, Neko Mimi Mōdo de Jigoku Iki, is a reference to Moon Phase. Neko Mimi Mode is also the title of the first opening song of Moon Phase.

Episode 09 when Hayate is going to retrive Nagi-chan's notebook , the girls of the student council tll him to defeat Sada**, Kaya**, Jaso* and Fre**, they're refering to famous horror movies characters: Sadako (The Ring 1 and 2), Kayako (The grudge 1 and 2 - Ju-On in the original), Freddy Kueger and Jason, respectively from "Nightmare in Elm Street" and "Friday 13th" series.

Episode 9's title, Eloim Essaim. Mr. Cow, Mr. Cow! What is it, Mr. Frog?, is a combination of the titles in chapter 45 and 46 in the manga. Eloim Essaim is a passage from black magic books and hebrew text used in the live action film of Gegege no Kitarou: Mateki Eroimu Essaimu, episode 77 of Urusei Yatsura, and Akuma-kun. Mr. Cow and Mr. Frog refers to Pappetto Mappetto handpuppets.

Episode 3: At 4:12 Nagi threatens Hayate with the statement "If you [...] I'll put you under forty-eight murderous attacks and fifty-two submissions, followed by turning you into mince meat through a roller." She is referencing fighting games and the mention of a roller may be a subtle reference to the fighting game based on the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Manga, in which the main villian, a playable character, happens to have a move in which he throws down an entire steamroller onto his opponent.

In the ep11 intro, right before the opening song, Hayate recites a part of the opening line from "Hikari Sentai Maskman"

In ep14, at the end of the Shitstujin Tsuushin (Butler's Network), Nagi was talking about Meditation and Aura Power. Yet another reference to Hikari Sentai Maskman

Also in the same sequence, but in the next room you can see on the right side an Ah-kun plusie from the also new series Moetan.

You can see Nonohara use a Wiimote to take his master Azumamiya through a hole where he fights with Freddy Krugger (Nightmare on Elm Street), Jason (Friday the !3th), Domo-kun (mascot of Japan's NHK television station) and an alien.

Episode's 18 preview of episode 19 ends with Hayate saying: "RELEASE!" which is a reference to how they ended Card Captor Sakura's anime episode preview.

Throughout episode 19, there are several obvious references to the cult Japanese horror movie Ringu including: almost exact scenes from the cursed video, talk about the need to copy the video within a week, and the disappearance of a (fake) copy from Wataru's video store. Also, they call it "that circular movie".

In the eyecatch of episode 16, Hinagiku says "Ramen Daisuki Koike-san no Uta". It is part of the title of a single by famous Japanese band Sharan Q.

Episode 23's title, "A Genius Teacher, Who's Not Small, Appears", is a reference to Pani Poni Dash, where Rebecca Miyamoto is a small genius teacher.

In the beginning of Episode 17, Nagi says that her talent surpasses that of the Ultra Director of the SOS Brigade. This is a reference to Haruhi Suzumiya, the title character from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

At the beginning of episode 24, the DVD that Nagi forgot to return has Haruhi from the Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya on it.

In the new Hayate no Gotoku op, there's an obvious reference to Gundam Seed where 8/88 launches.

In the new opening there are references to yu-gi-oh and b-daman. You can see Yami-Yugi and Yamato right after 8 launches into space.

In ep27, the dome where the Butler Tournament is being held has a ceiling that resembles the Melon Bread from Shakugan No Shana

in ep28, at around 6:54, Saeki Himuro can be seen using two B-damen against his opponent

In Ep 33 about 16:50 the Turn A Gundam box says "hige gandamu" or "moustache gundam" to poke fun at its head design.

In the first part of episode 34, the strange building that is shown in the academy is the building where the comikets (Comic Market) are done, the Tokyo Big Sight. Also in the Comic Festival, the figurines sold are from Queen's Blade and the posters are Shakugan no Shana and Fate Stay/Night between others.

The Bleeped words on Episode 34 are: Tokyo Big Sight, Comic Party and Kagami.

In episodes 27-28 during the butler battle tournament, Hinagiku appears dressed as Utena from Shoujo Kakumei Utena, and even delivers a harangue promising to bring revolution to Hakuou Academy.

The series contains many numerous references to MAR, either due to both series' composition being done by Junki Takegami or both were produced by Shogakukan Productions Co. Ltd. and TV Tokyo. It is possible it is due to both having the animation produced by SynergySP/Synergy Japan, better explaining the rampant incidental pictures featuring Dorothy from MAR in ads on walls, telephone poles, etc.

Episode 35 – After Hayate freaks out at seeing so many couples and starts to take pictures, the third picture he takes shows Takaki, Ruri, and Sango from the series "To Heart 2" below the billboard with Conan on it. (Around 6:40)

At the end of episode 22, the last line of the preview for episode 23 is "Can you believe in it?" [shinjiraremasu ka] This is the closing line of the Next Episode previews in Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni.

The first bleeped word on episode 36 is Dragon Quest.

Episode 36, the golden statue which is covered by the "can't show" at 4:40 is of Optimus Prime.

In the new (3rd) ending, the prominent spinning flowers are references to the opening of Higurashi no Naku Koro ni.

Episode 39's animation quality is a reference to Tengen Toppa Gurenn Lagann Episode 4

During Hayate's battle with the Gurren Lagann-ish robot. you'll see various posters around the stadium that shows title designs of various anime namely, Yaiba, Full Metal Panic, Yu-Gi-Oh!, NANA, Bakuretsu Hunters, Shōjo Kakumei Utena, Sōsei no Akuerion, Ouran High School Host Club, Ranma 1/2

At the beginning of episode 39, the Ball that Nagi tosses to Klaus is a Black Dragon Ball.

On Episode 40, the trucks that pass behind Hayate and Nagi at 6:40 have the Nerv logo on them, except that it says Huro.

At 8:56 on episode 40, Hayate's hair becomes that of a Super Saiyajin.

Episode 39's eyecatch is a reference to Tengen Toppa Gurenn-Lagann.

Episode 41's title, "Sensei Sayonara Zetsubou ~ Sotsugyou Special," is a play on another anime title, "Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei."

At 12:44, the phrase is "Can't you go pick up some out from the other companies? Like (Kyo)Ani". KyoAni's four latest works are Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu, Kanon 2006, Lucky Star and Clannad.

Episode 46: at 10:14, She is referring to the popular movie, The Girl Who Leapt Through Time

At the beginning of episode 46, Saki says that Wataru failed to put Ryukendo back on the shelf. You can see a picture of Ryukendo himself shortly after that.

Episode 48 title, "Hina Love" most likely refers to the anime "Love Hina".

Nagi and Yurika (Chocotto Sister) are similar in the sense that they are both rich, blonds, tunderes, like the same guy who seem to like another and voiced by Kugimiya Rie and sound almost the same

At about 18:15 of Episode 49, after Miki nonsense talk about how some thing sound like others, she appears with clothing resembling Steven Spielberg, the director of the movie Jurassic Park which she does mention.

In epesode 46, at around 7:05 The buss driver picture on saki's head changes when she turns back.

The Butler battle tournament hosted by the Superintendent in eps 27-28 boasts many similarities, including the rule that "a butler who loses its tie is disqualified." This is similiar to rule #1 of the International Gundam fight rules: "A gundam who loses its head is disqualified".

episode 52 is parodying Chrono Cross when Serge goes back in time to save Kid from the burning orphange, where she would probably be dead if Serge hadn't been there. After that they go star-seeing and Serge disappears going back to his time.

Episode 48: Before the eyecatcher, you can see a character dances the caramelldansen, a meme on internet.

In the preview for episode 14, at the end of episode 13, Hayate says "zettai unmei mokushiroku (absolute destiny apocalypse)". This is a reference to the anime Revolutionary Girl Utena, where these words are spoken at the end of every episode preview.

Episode 26, Hayate was put to "regain" his memories by playing video games, which he was resemble of Arashi in Game Center Arashi.

At episode 44 (08:45) Eruru from Utawarerumono is shown as one of the animators with Hakuoro on the poster in the background of the same anime. (08:56) "Kyahoo" and "But daddy's not here (demo otosan inai)" are Aruru's quotes from the same anime. (08:59) Myco and Meroko Yui from Full Moon o Sagashite are shown as animators.

Episode 47 (04:09) the show "Columbo" is playing on the TV.

On episode 29, at 5:52, Ayumu is eating fish, and looks like Luchia Nanami from Mermaid Melody

Just before the opening song of episode 23, there is a dialogue among Makimura Shiori, Azumamiya Koutarou, and Eight (robot). All three characters were voiced by the same seiyuu

The title of episode 27 "Hayate Daiji Ni Tatsu" (Hayate Rises upon the Earth) is similar to the title of the first ever Gundam Episode "Gundam Daiji Ni Tatsu". Also in the preview of the episode at the end of episode 26, the last line is "Kimi wa ikinobiri koto ga dekiru ka" is also the last line that is always said in from the same series at the end of each preview

At the end of episode 28 at around 21:24, the figure on the wall behind Kuzuha Kirika look similar to Great Emperor Kubilai from Uchuu Keiji Shaider

At ep43, the Piyo Piyo Terrorist at the middle wears a mask similar to Rau Le Cruset, from Kidou Senshi Gundam SEED

The title of episode 52 is "Radical Dreamers", the same as in the video game released in Japan in 1996. Radical Dreamers was released shortly after the RPG Chrono Trigger and functions as a side story. Radical Dreamers was never released in a physical form, but was downloadable via a special SNES addon. Episode 52 also features references to Chrono Cross, Chrono Trigger's real sequel (see other trivia).

Episode 33 Around 7:05-7:10 these girls are sipping tea, one of them is wearing clothes that is worn from Sakura from Tsubasa Chronicle

The title of Episode 3, "The Beast, Robot, and Butler that Kinda Shout Love at the Center of the World" refers not to Evangelion but to the 1968 science fiction short story by Harlan Ellison, "The Beast that Shouted Love at the Heart of the World".

In Episode 1, when we first see Hayate's boss, he is posed with his hands clasped in front of his mouth, and his glasses are white with light. This is a direct homage to Neon Genesis Evangelion, in which the character Gendo Ikari is frequently seen this way.

In Episode 1, Hayate is standing behind a street pole with a poster of Dorothy from MÄR while the money lenders explain what he can do to pay off the debt.

In episode 1, the boy playing baseball is wearing the same uniform that Goro from Major is wearing when he was in Kindergarten including the backward cap and the #56 jersey.

In Episode 1 Hayate's boss deliverying every pizza. Seiya Urubatake from Nandesico.

In Episode 1 Hamtaro is in the wallpaper of the house in dismissed.

In episode 3, the preview for episode 4, "First Mission - This is Snake. No One is Responding" is a reference to Metal Gear Solid's main character, Snake. This is especially true seeing what the plot of episode 4 revolves around.

In episode 3, right after Robot Eight tries to punch Nagi, the screen turns black and a blue Mukku from the Japanese children show Ponkikies appears on the bottom left of the screen for a second.

In episode 3, when Klaus is commenting on Hayate's impovershed status, you can see an object stick through him, followed by several more. The objects bear a striking resemblance to the Lance of Longinus from Evangelion, and the multiple piercings in a row is probably a reference to End of Evangelion

In episode 3, when Klaus and Nagi are fighting over whether Hayate should stay and inadvertently insult him, Hayate is stabbed through the body by spears similar to the lance of longinus copies used by the mass production EVA units in the anime Neon Genesis Evangelion. As they insult him more, more of these spears pierce Hayate's body in a way similar to how EVA unit 01 was impaled in episode 26 of Evangelion.

In episode 3, when Hayate mentions that living under the same roof as Maria with almost no one else around will 'make his heart pound', Nagi threatens him with the following line; "Just so you know, if you touch Maria, I won't just kill you. I'll put you under 48 murderous attacks and 52 submissions, followed by turning you into mincemeat through a roller." This statement is a reference to the antagonist, from the Manga "JoJo's Bizarre Adventure", Dio Brando's special move in the fighting game, in which he freezes time, performs a long unstoppable combo with knives, drops a steamroller on his opponent, throws more knives which stop before impact, and then unfreezes time so that the remaining knives make contact.

In Episode 4 when Nagi says "Well, this school is as big as Vana'****", adding the bleeped out section of the word would give Vana'diel, the world in which Final Fantasy XI is set.

In episode 4, the sword that Hinagiku uses is the same sword that Utena in Revolutionary Girl Utena uses except the sword is colorless.

In episode 4, the school that Nagi goes to resembles Westminster Palace and Big Ben.

In episode 4 around 5.27, you can see Yukiji performing Shotgun on Hayate, a skill from Urameshi Yuusuke of Yu Yu Hakusho series.

In episode 5, when Sakuya is being crushed by Nagi in a very quick scene, Nagi looks like the simplified/chibified version of Alphonse Elric from Fullmetal Alchemist, except that her pigtails are visible to show tha audience that it is Nagi who attacked Sakuya.

In Episode 5, while Hayate was walking on the street with a cashmere coat, a painter was painting a sign that had Conan Edogawa from Detective Conan/Case Closed on it.

In Episode 5, when Hayate accidentally told Isumi to shut up, she started to become very nervous. Hayate then corrected his sentence to ask her what she thought about Ul***man. Hayate was obviously talking about Ultraman, a popular anime series.

In episode 5, Nagi attacks Sakuya as other characters voice actor Rie Kugimiya has played. They are Bell, Shana, and Alphonse Elric from MÄR, Shakugan no Shana, and Fullmetal Alchemist respectively.

In Episode 5, in the scene of the corridor with Saki and Hayate, if you look closely, there is a bust of Ranma further up the corridor from the bust of Inuyasha.

In episode 5 at 8:40, when Nagi fights Sakuya-san, Nagi turns into Shana ("Enpatsu Shakugan no Uchite") from Shakugan no Shana.

In episode 5, when Sakuya attacks Nagi, she turns into characters from Kamen Rider, Gegege no Kitaro, and Gu Gu Ganmo.

In Episode 5 Nagi turns into Delmo from cosplay complex, Daisuke Momori From Major S1 and Taiga Aisaka from toradora.

in episode 6 at 15 min and 32 sec in the statue that she hides behind is a statue of inuyasha and about 3 minutes later there is another statue of detective conan, from case closed

In Episode 6, when Hayate is seen under a tunnel near the beginning of the episode, there is a poster behind the wall that he's leaning on. On it is the face of Dorothy, from MÄR.

In episode 6, Nagi is reading a Detective Conan manga when Isumi enters the room. A painting of a blue Pikachu is above the sofa. At the 16:24 mark, the picture is only partially shown, but blue Pikachu turns yellow.

In episode 6, the bleeped words are "Kenshiro" from Fist of the North Star, "Ajikko" from Mister Ajikko, and "Minovsky Drive" from Gundam UC.

In episode 6, at 8:50, Nagi yells "shut up, shut up, shut up". This may be a reference to "Shakugan no Shana" where Shana, also played by Rie Kugimiya, says this many times throughout the anime.

In Episode 6, at 13:54, Hayate exclaims 'Oh my ********!' The bleeped-out word here is most likely 'Goddess,' a reference to the Oh my Goddess! series.

In Episode 7, right before Hayate decides to lose the fight, the scene parodies Inuyasha

During the above scene in Episode 7, The name of the attack that Wataru uses that got censored is "Kaze no Kizu," the Japanese name for the Wind Scar, one of Inu Yasha's attacks.

In episode 7, when Hayate is talking to Wataru while they are at the shelves of the video rental store, you can see Inuyasha DVDs (or VHS tapes by the size of it) on the shelf behind Hayate on the second row. The top row also contains a title called "Ueki ga Kisoku" which has a similar design on the spine for the DVDs (or VHS tapes) of Ueki no Housoku (The Law of Ueki).

In episode 7, the second doll that is Hayate catches when Nagi and Wataru is fighting is the goddess that appears in the introduction page of each volume of the manga.

In episode 7, the game that Nagi is playing is Streetcar Go!

In episode 7, the underground scene is a parody of Patlabor episode 38 including the missing person, rats, and getting lost.

In episode 7, the bleeped words are "Kaze no kizu" from Inuyasha, "Koubu" from Sakura Taisen, "Griffon" from Patlabor.

In episode 7, the ice cream store that Hayate and Nagi passes by is a reference to Baskin Robins. The 31% off gives it away.

In episode 7, Sakuya is talking to Klaus about how to get more screen time by making some jokes. The example she gives on how to be funny is to lose his glasses and crawl searching for them. This is a common act for Sayuri Hida from Gokujou Seitokai (Best Student Council)

In episode 8, when Sakuya is talking about Nagi's manga, the bleeped word is "Rikishiman" from Kinnikuman.

In episode 9, when Hayate enters the POD room, there is a lifeless Babbo toy sitting on a shelf. In addition, the muscle-tissue science mannequin running besides Hina is almost assuredly Hiroshi from the series Yamato Nadeshiko Shiki Henge (also known as The WallFlower).

In episode 9, you can see Hiroshi from Wallflower running with Hinagiku.

In episode 9, a reference is made to Hakuou Academy calling for 'Ghostsweepers' to rid the school of ghosts. This is a parody of the name Ghostbusters from the classic 1984 movie.

In Episode 10, when Maou is saying "Urusai, urusai, urusai!" (Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!), she is saying the catchphrase of Shana from Shakugan No Shana, voiced by Rie Kugimiya (who does the voice of Nagi)

In Episode 10, when the slime attacks the second time, the face that appears is similar to Rei/Lilith's face in the End of Evangelion

In Episode 10, the first eyecatch has Maou in the "Mikuru beam" pose in the Mikuru outfit saying "Sumeshi Beam" (a take on "Mikuru Beam") from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. Yuko Goto voices both Maou and Mikuru.

In Episode 10, right after the second eyecatch, Nagi is dressed exactly as Louise from Zero No Tsukaima. Rie Kugimiya (voice of Nagi) voiced Louise.

In Episode 10, in one scene, Klaus looks like Akuma from Street Fighter, and shows a beaten Ken character on the left, and a beaten Ryu character on the right.

In Episode 10, when the girls finally are about to face Maou, they are dressed like the characters from Otogi-Jushi Akazukin (Hina dressed as Akazukin, Izumi as Shirayuki, and Miki as Ibara)

In Episode 10, Maria's concert sequence is an obvious reference to Meer's (Also known as Fake Lacus) concert in episode 19 of Gundam Seed - Destiny.

In episode 10, around 19:38, where Klaus is parodying Akuma and beside him are defeated Ken and Ryu; you can see Tama staring outside through the window with his head not intact. Merely speaking that Tama is not an animal, but a Human. Tama is also seen carrying his head. That's the truth behind the story why Tama can speak.

In episode 10, Onsokumaru from Ninin ga Shinobuden appears on the game cartridge, as a tomato beside the TV at 5:37, as a bird in the tree at 9:08, and spit out by Isumi at 21:49.

In episode 10, "Final Answer", the text in front of the slime monster at the 11:45 mark, is a catchphrase from Who Wants to Be a Millionaire.

In episode 10, Maou's hideout is on Karin Tower and Kami’s Lookout from Dragon Ball Z

In episode 10, the game Nagi is playing is a parody of Dragon Quest 1. The slime monster that attacks Risa, Izumi, and Mika is a common low level monster at the start of the game. When Risa dies, she follows the others in a casket, which happens when a party member dies in Dragon Quest.

In episode 10, at 12:18 theres an Oscar in the tree. The head on the bottom right is Jake Blues from American movie The Blues Brothers. After the lighting strike, the head changes to Jimi Hendrix.

In episode 10, after the lighting strike, Izumi has the hair of Sazae Isono from Sazae-san.

In episode 10, the bleeped words are "PS3", "Pocari" - a sports drink, and "King Squasher!" from Knights of Ramune & 40.

In episode 10, in the window of Maou's hideout is the silhouette of Shichimi and Motsu from Negima!?.

In episode 10, the men in suits running over the controllers is Agent Mr. Smith from The Matrix.

In episode 10, at about 13:09, four pairs of black sunglasses can be seen in the tree. One of those pairs bears a striking resemblance to the pair added to Gurren, Kamina's Ganmen, from Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann.

In Episode 10 around 7:25 Sakuya's bodyguards, Makita and Kunikita pose in the fusion stance from the Dragon Ball series.

In Episode 12, when Hayate rejects Nishizawa, he says he's only into "2-D Girls", and the background has Yuki, Haruhi, and Mai Zaizen, in their ENOZ performance outfits from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

In Episode 12, the anime constantly being borrowed is "Getsumen To Heiki Mina", a spinoff anime from the TV Series "Densha Otoko".

In Episode 12, when Hayate refers to "Kendama", and Saki Kijima says "Andarta", they are referring to the anime MAR (Märchen Awakens Romance).

In Episode 12, Nishizawa yearns for Hayate while eating taiyaki. The taiyaki vendor says "Make sure you pay", referring to Ayu in Kanon who always stole the taiyaki.

In Episode 12, the move Hayate uses on Tama is "Inazuma Kick" from Gunbuster

In episode 12, the end of the preview for the next episode ("Run to the stage of your dreams") is what the main character of the baseball anime, Major, says at the end of every preview.

In episode 12, when Nishizawa and Nagi face off, their backgrounds parody the two main gods from Fushigi Yugi. Nagi has Seriyu the lightning dragon and Nishizawa looks to have Suzaku the fire phoenix, but the image turns into a hamster.

In episode 13, when Klaus is taking the kindergarten exam in a flashback, the pictures on the wall that look like they were drawn by kids are characters from MAR. MAR is also one of the comics that falls on Katsura later in the episode.

In episode 13, at 3:35, Yasushi "Yasu" Takagi from the Nana Manga/Anime series can be seen.

In episode 13, The "Moe-tan" book Hayate is learning English from at the 14:45 mark is a real-life series of English language study aid books aimed at otaku. However, it generally only teaches English words using examples drawn from computer games and anime...

In episode 13 (at time 3:49) a pedestrian resembling Nanashi from MAR walks by Nishizawa.

In episode 13, when Nishiwaza is walking along the various shops looking through the windows, after she looks into the "crowded" shop, Nanashi from MAR walks past.

In episode 14, the bread Katsura-sensei almost brings Hayate (but doesn't) when she goes to the Sanzenin mansion to apologize is Pantasia's Green Turtle Bread from Yakitate!! Japan.

In Episode 14, the outfit that Nagi tries to convince Hayate to wear for the party is the same outfit that Lum from Urusei Yatsura wears.

In episode 14, when Hinagiku learns of what her sister did, she begins to breathe like Darth Vadar, from Star Wars. Her sister, of course, freaks out, saying how Hinagiku's "Dark Side" is coming out.

In Episode 14 at 5:25, when Katsura says she loves dorayaki, Hinagiku says, "Maybe you'll get along with the cat robot from the future." This is referring to Doraemon, the cat robot from the future who loved dorayaki and was named after it.

In episode 15, the bleeped words are Char Aznable, Kimutaku (Takuya Kimura), Tackey (Hideaki Takizawa), Odajoe (Odagiri Joe), Orlando (Bloom), Brad Pitt, Golgo 13, and Snow Storm

In Episode 15, Hayate's fighting spirit splits the sakura petals and and begins to say "Hiten," before he is interrupted. This is a reference to Rurouni Kenshin when Himura Kenshin was fighting Shishio. Also Kenshin also called the attacks of his Hiten Mitsurugi Style.

In episode 15, Ayumu's cell phone is the FOMA P903i

In Episode 15, the background shown at the 5:05 mark is a possible parody of the movie based on Rodger & Hammerstein's classic musical, The Sound of Music.

In episode 16, there are various references to Kamen Rider Den-O. At about 5:15 the weapon shown is Den-O's Den-Gasher weapon in it's sword mode, which appears again at 6:52 as it's axe form. The biggest reference however, is in the Isumi short later on in the episode. The characters that past by are characters in Den-O, a joke to the fact that the characters in the show use a train as the main form of transportation.

In Episode 16, when Tama pounces on Hayate during one of the few short clips following the actual episode, the camera moves away from them to show a forest. A statue of Gash/Zatch riding on Umagon/Ponygon, from Konjiki no Gash Bell!! (Zatch Bell!!) is also seen.

In episode 16, at around 8:17, hayate asks whether nonohara's speed was because of a acceleration device in his back teeth, this is a direct reference to cyborg 009, where the main protagonist has the ability to accelerate due tp a device that can be activated by pressing a button at the back of his teeth using his tongue.

In episode 17 at 6:18, when there are four men playing mah jong, the man with blue hair that stands out from the other three has close resemblance from the character Akagi, from the show Akagi (the real Akagi has white hair.)

In episode 17, at 8:08, when Nagi attempts to do some housework, she breaks plenty of items. In one of the scenes, we can see a little Cactuar from the Final Fantasy games flying in the background.

In episode 17, at 8:38, the bleeped out word is obviously Yahoo Auctions.

In episode 17, at 9:51, when they enter the shed, the various works of art displayed are Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa and Edvard Munch's The Scream, along with a Principality of Zeon officer (Gundam), all painted with Klaus' head. The final painting somewhat resembles an ancient form of Japanese art called Ukiyoe.

In episode 17, the final line of the episode 18 preview ("Now, How do I fight this?") is the catchphrase used in the previews for Muteki Chōjin Zanbot

In Episode 17, Nagi tells Hayate about how Ray Amuro steals a Gundam and leaves the White Base. She is referring to Episode 17 of Mobile Suit Gundam.

In Episode 17, during the prologue prior to the opening theme, Nagi quickly mentions how there's a fan service shot of Say**. Hayate then tells her that it actually happens in Episode 17, and that a fan service shot of Mi*** occurs in that episode instead. They are referring to Sayla Mass and Mirai Yashima, two female characters from Mobile Suit Gundam.

In episode 17, Nishizawa gets her omeltte served by none other than Dorothy from MÄR.

In episode 17, around 7:28. Nagi was probably referring to Sliders, a show about a group of people traveling in different universes and experiencing versions of the world which they left from.

In episode 18, during the summer beach class trip, when they arrive to the first room of the hotel you can see on the left side of the room over the sofa a kero-chan plushie from the Card Captor Sakura series, but it's on a different color (kero-chan is yellow).

In episode 18, during dinner many characters appear that were disguised as butlers and maids. One of the maid's is a modified version of Pastel Ink (Nijihara Ink) from Moetan

During the fight at dinner in episode 18 you can see Hayate transform into Seiya from Saint Seiya and punch the enemies with a Masami Kurumada style of drawing. Then he transforms into Kinnikuman from Kinnikuman series changing the drawings aroung him also. And finally he transforms into a Super Saiyan from Dragon Ball Z and changes the scenery accordingly.

In Episode 18, when the the narrarator cuts to Hinagaku enjoying herself in the city, a billboard shows characters from the anime 'Inukami!', with the predominant character in the picture being 'Karina Shirou'. The 2 background characters are the Underwear thief and the bondage lover (Boss and Chief Clerk). This poster is next to an advertisement for 'Inugami' DVD's, which suggests that the 'K' was removed from 'Inukami!' and put into 'Project K'. The TV announcer in this scene was drawn using the exact same art style as 'Inukami!', bearing resemblance to many of the main female characters in its style.

In episode 18, Nonohara is reading a Fan Road magazine on the plane. Even though the cover says 2007, it has the same cover of the April 2001 issue with Naruto characters except Sakura and Naruto has brown hair and Hinata has green hair,

In episode 18, Schmidt uses the mech, Zambot 3 from Muteki Chōjin Zanbot to help with the synchronized swimming and does a "Zambot Moon Attack". While in the mech, he wears the same helmet that Kappei Jin wears. Later on when Schmidt changes the girl's swimming suits, he uses Lancelot from Code Geass. However, it has the same cockpit as an Eva Unit and Schmidt is wearing red A10 clips like the ones Asuka wears in Neon Genesis Evangelion.

In episode 18, the segment when the class gets swallowed by a whale is a parody of MAR episode 56 when Dorothy gets swallowed by the Fastitocalon guardian ÄRM (looks like a whale). Schmidt is imitating Poko who sips tea at a table and Taiga is holding the Zephyrus broom imitating Dorothy by blaming her sister Diana.

In episode 19 at the end, when we first see the fireworks, and the camera pans down, you can see Himura Kenshin and Kaoru Kamiya from Rurouni Kenshin watching the fireworks.

In episode 19, Wataru gives Isumi a DVD boxed set of "Choukou Senshi Changèrion."

In episode 19, when the 3 security robots fight the giant cockroach, it is a parody of Mobile Suit Gundam episode 24 when the Black Tri-Stars fight Amaro and use their "Jet Stream Attack".

In episode 19, during the preview of episode 20, when Nagi is saying "Even though the summer break's started, i don't feel cheerful at all", you can see Makoto Shishio from Rurouni Kenshin in the background.

In Episode 19, during the narrator's story about Saki's grandmother Rei, the person she accused of being a murderer during a description of her ability to solve cases looks very similar to Shinichi (Jimmy) Kudo, the title character of Detective Conan/Case Closed.

In Episode 19, when the narrator tells the story of Saki's grandmother, the detective scene had what looked like Conan of Mentantei Conan as the accused culprit. Also, when she "liberated oppressed citzens by serving delicious cuisine to emperors" the scene resembles one from Chuka Ichiban.

In episode 20, when Nagi reads about "ultimate attacks," the first case she talks about ultimate attacks for those once burned by their enemies. This is another reference to Shishio from Rurouni Kenshin who was burned by the government. In addition, an outline of a burning Shishio can be seen as Nagi speaks.

In episode 20, when Nagi sang and Nishizawa commented that Nagi looked like "Tsukishima ***-chan", it is a reference to anime Kirarin Revolution's main character, Tsukishima Kirari.

In Episode 20, during the Karaoke scene, the song that Ayumu Nishizawa sang is the OP of the series

In episode 20, at around 19:05, a preview of Nagi's own amusement park before it was fully shown on episode 21 was on the screen in the background

In episode 20, at 5:19, Maria can be seen dressed in the same yellow and black jumpsuit as Beatrix Kiddo a.k.a. 'The Bride' from Quentin Tarantino's Kill Bill movies.

In episode 20, when Nagi wants to be called "Touzai Nangoku Chuuou Fuhai" (Undefeated in the Four Directions and in the Center), this is a reference to Touhou Fuhai/Master Asia of G Gundam, who declared to adopt that title should he win the 13th Gundam Fight

In Episode 21, when Maria is imagining Hayate crossdressing/cosplaying, she's imagining him as Cure Dream from "Yes! Precure 5". The narrator says "Metamorphose", the henshin phrase from the show.

In Episode 21, when Hayate is shocked that Nagi has an amusement park at her house, he asks if it's "Michael ****son's house?!", obviously referring to Michael Jackson.

In episode 21, the pink chicken mascot is Ganmo from Gu Gu Ganmo.

In episode 21, when Hayate says "I'm burnt out. I'm white ash", is similar to a quote by Joe in Ashita no Joe.

In Episode 21, when the shots of Shiori in various costumes move across the screen, she says "Beet the Vandel ******," a reference to Beet the Vandel Buster.

In Episode 21, on the following morning after Hayate and Tama's encounter with Eight, Nagi asks if Hayate used the Kamehame** to defeat it. This is an obvious reference to the Kamehameha, Goku's signature move in the Dragon Ball series.

In Episode 21, the method of deploying Nursing Robot Nine is similar to the deployment of the EVAs in an emergency in Neon Genesis Evangelion.

In Episode 22, when Klaus says, "Well, if you're that bored, why not make a S*S Brigade", this is a referral to the SOS Brigade from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya.

In Episode 22, when Hayate is in the bath humming "Ode to Joy", this is a reference to Kaworu Nagisa, from Neon Genesis Evangelion.

In Episode 22, when Maria says, "It's classified" and strikes a pose after catching the fish, it is a reference to Mikuru Asahina from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya.

In episode 22, after Maria caught the big fish, Maria is drinking Gerogi Nax Coffee. The color, logo, and name is similar to Georgia Max Coffee.

In episode 22, the first eyecatch has Maria catching Nemo from Finding Nemo.

In episode 22, Nagi gets stabbed by RX-78-2's Beam Javelin from Mobile Suit Gundam

In episode 22, Nagi says "Lucky cha-cha-cha" in the eyecatch, which is a reference to one of Morning Musume's hit subgroup, MiniMoni's song.

In episode 22 right after the scene when tama touches hayate's hand you can see something resembling the nerv symbol from Neon Genesis Evangelion on the buckets in the bath

In episode 22, in the end, Nagi took out a firework and turned it into an RPG. That resembles Shirou's ability of tracing (Fate/Stay night)

In episode 22, when Tama and Hayate enter the boiler room, Hayate thinks it is Aki**. This is a reference to the movie Akira. The boiler resembles the cryogenic chamber storing Akira's body.

In episode 23, when Kastura (The teacher) says "Heaven itself is my ally.", this is a reference to Yagami Light, from Deathnote.

In episode 23, when Kastura (The teacher) says, "I will be the god of the new world." with "Shinigami Eyes", this is a reference to Yagami Light from Deathnote.

In the second eyecatch in Episode 23, the student council trio are wearing the masks, holding the weapons, and using the same poses as Juuken Sentai Gekiranger.

In Episode 23, there is a brief mention of Hayate's "feminine look" by Segawa. This is a reference to the voice actor for Hayate's, Ryoko Shiraishi's, role in Mahoraba: Heartful Days where she is the voice actor for Shiratori Ryushi, a guy with a feminine features.

In yet another Death Note reference in episode 23, Yukiji Katsura's line at 20:45 is "Just as planned" [keikaku doori], a line made (in)famous by Light Yagami in episode 24 of Death Note. This is accompanied by a momentary shift to the red eyes and darkened face design often seen in Death Note.

In Episode 23 at 04:29, Yukiji Katsura pleads, "Help me, Hinaemon!" and whines, "You're so mean, Hinaemon." This is an imitation of Nobita Nobi's pleas to the titular cat of the Doraemon franchise.

In episode 23, when Katsura-sensei takes pictures of Hayate and the teacher on the ground, she runs away with evil red eyes saying "I will be the God of the new world." (13:04) This is a reference to Yagami Light from Death Note. There is another reference to Light at 20:46 when Katsura hugs the sub-teacher and says " She fell for my plan." again with red eyes. This is copying the relationship between Light and Misa in Death Note.

In episode 23, there is yet another Death Note reference during the eyecatch. Katsura-sensei says "Ringo daisuki," meaning "I love apples," in English. This is a reference to the shinigami, Ryuuk, from Death Note whose favorite food is apples. Also, in the accompanying picture, she is shown holding a class attendance book, which is obviously meant to represent the actual death note, and the is an apple on the ground with a single bite taken out of it, a recurring image in Death Note.

In episode 23 at around 24:39, the explosion smoke is similar to the ones from the classical Rockman games - when Dr. Wily's base explodes after clearing the game

In Episode 24 at 6:39 Tama is wearing Jotaro Kujo's headcap from JoJo's bizarre adventure.

In episode 24 around 3:20 the way Hayate is wrapped in bandages is the same way that Makoto Shishio is from Rurouni Kenshin

In episode 24, when Hayate attacked Tama, his move resembled Ciel's Black Key (Tsukihime)

In episode 25, when there is a big cross-shaped explosion after the robot scene, the cross-shaped explosion is a reference to Evangelion.

In episode 25 at around 8:20, there are several gray-colored Gundam Heads and one Zaku head lying on the ground

In Episode 25, near the end, the gun Hayate is seen pulling from his back is the famous MG 42, a WWII-era German-made machine gun produced in 1942 with an estimated production number of over 750,000 units. Its rate of fire exceeded 1,000 rounds per minute and had stunning stats of any gun of its type at that time.

In episode 25, at 8:20, along with the Gundam helmets, there is Chopper's hat from One Piece lying on the ground.

In Episode 25, at 19:05, you can see the cube from Laputa in the ground.

In episode 26, when Hayate's floating in space after losing his memory, he calls out "Nunally," the name of the younger sister of the main character, Lelouch, from Code Geass.

When Hayate fakes amnesia in episode 26, Nishizawa says, "I should've have watched 'Winter Sonata'" referring to a Korean drama that was very popular in Japan, where the main character has amnesia.

In Episode 26, during the Butler Network, Nagi says "Magical Change" which refers to Moe Tan.

In episode 26, there are several references to Time Bokan (Time Fighters, La Maquina del Tiempo), from ~7.28 till ~8.02. Gilbert is dressed like Marjo (Ratabari), and the explosion cloud is shaped like those when Ratabari and friends exploded (in almost every episode), in fact, that shapes appears several times. Finally, when Gilbert escapes from the scene, he uses a tandem bike, riding along with dummies of Walsa (Wamaso) and (Grocky) Rufino.

In episode 26- Hayate is shown waking up in space 'floating alone' with no memory and uttering something nonsensical. This would appear to be a reference to Nono's awakening from a flashback in Diebuster (Gunbuster 2).

In continuing the reference to winter sonata in episode 26, the second bleeped out word probably was meteor garden, which is also a drama series that had a protagonist who had lost his memory.

In episode 26, the island's rock turtle was a reference to the Pararakelse Island's rock turtle from Love Hina Spring Special.

In episode 27, near the beginning. Nagi says she asks Hayate to get her "*S*" since she left "***sis Core" in it. The bleeped out words are PSP and Crisis Core, the Final Fantasy VII action RPG for the PSP.

In Episode 27, at around 18:01 and 20:38 you can see Rika Furude from Higurashi no Naku Koro ni among the crowds in the lower left area.

In episode 27, at around 07:28, sonoko suzuki from detective conan is shown in the background, together with someone who looks like spock or a vulcan from star trek.

In episode 27, at around 12:36-37, nagi was doing the kamehameha and in the second scene picolo's hands were shown.

In episode 27, at about 12:26, the pile of bodies Nagi stands on is a reference to G Gundam, where a Gundam towers above the scraps of all the other Gundams.

In Episode 27, with the same picture, one of the bodies seems to be wearing a Zeon pilot suit from the original Gundam series.

In episode 27, the butler "Nonohara-san" at 19:55 unleashes an attack on "Katsura", which STRONGLY resembles "Hiei's"(from YuYuHakusho) "Dragon of the Darkness Flame"(It sounded ALOT like "Lord Sesshomaru's" "Dragon Strike" from InuYasha). Which was also "Hiei's" best attack that he used to win his first round in the "Dark Tournament" THAT also started around the same episode.

In episode 27 when Hinagiku appears to fight Nonohara, the spiraling stair case appears and Hinagiku is dressed in a similar fashion to Utena Tenjou, a reference tothe show Revolutionary Girl Utena.

In episode 27, when the school superintendent tells Hayate to answer a question of hers, the scene turns into something that looks just like the stage on the game show "Who Wants to be a Millionaire?".

In episode 28, time-5:21 , you can see Jean , Nadia and Gargoyle from the anime: Nadia - Secret of Blue Water.

In episode 28 when the new school anthem is being played, Kirika Kuzuha is seen dressed as Revy from Black Lagoon, whom the seiyuu for Kirika (Megumi Toyoguchi) also voices.

In Episode 28, the bleeped out word at 7:52, Ikki***sen, obviously refers to the anime Ikkitousen

In episode 28, during the fight between himuro and hayate, the rose attacks by himuro is almost the same as when tuxedo mask from sailor moon throws a rose to announce his arrival, while the rose whip is from yuyu hakusho, specifically kurama.

In episode 28, at 7:53, when Risa says: “I bought the Ikki Tousen DVD to see the main character that never appears”, she is referring to Sonsaku Hakufu, who happens to be voiced by the same seyuu as Risa (Masumi Asano), and rarely appears in the first season of Ikki Tousen.

In Episode 28, Right after Nagi and Hayate was playing, the part where the trophy of the Butler Battle Tournament is shown, the book on the right appears to be Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagan with Yoko, Kamina and Simon on the cover.

In episode 28, at around 7:53, Risa's excuse why her butler wouldn't fight anymore was, "I bought the Ikki***sen DVD etc..." (Ikkitousen)

-In Episode 28, at approximately 18:01, we can see, in addition to Rika from Higurashi no Naku Koro ni, Yasako from Dennô Coil on the 2nd row from the bottom.

In Episode 28, at 5:20, you can see Lupin from Lupin the III when Isumi is in France.

In episode 29,at the end of the episode the Duel Butler is actually Duel Masters' main character (he also has the same voice actoress). So its probably a fight between Yu-Gi-Oh's and Duel Masters's game...

In episode 29, at the end of the episode, Hayate's face changes to look like Yami from Yu-Gi-Oh, along with a "my other me" side beside him. Also, a few seconds later, the Duel Butler gets hit with a giant glass heart, just like Sailor Moon's Spiral Heart Attack from Sailor Moon S.

In Episode 29 the Duel Butler is Toppa Bashin the first main Character from Battle Spirits.

In Episode 30, there are various references to Case Closed, specifically when Nagi modifies her voice to speak as Hayate.

In Episode 30, the Butler Battle is from Battle B-Daman

In Episode 30, Tama's dying message, "Cheney", references the incident in which US Vice President Dick Cheney accidentally shot one of his hunting partners.

In episode 30, Ayumu dresses up as Casper the Friendly Ghost to go treat or tricking.

In episode 30, while Izumi is playing ping pong, she yells "Mada mada dane", a reference to Prince of Tennis.

In episode 30, apart from the obvious detective conan parodies, the line "apologize to Mr. Doyle" refers to the plot of The Adventure of the Speckled Band, written by Sir Conan Doyle, where the murderer used a snake to kill the victim, although not by strangling but by its poison.

In episode 30, Yukiji's video 1st background is the bridge of Space Battleship Yamato, 2nd is the cabin of Galaxy Express 999 with Tetsuro's hat next to her

In episode 30, at around 19:03, Nagi lifts her right fist and sends an energy wave to the voice in the sky. It may be a reference to Raoh's end in Hokuto no Ken.

In episode 30 at around 5:51, Risa says that "saying pudding with soy sauce is sea urchin." This may be a reference to the anime Konjiki no Gash Bell, where Professor Riddle tricked his partner Kid in the same way.

In episode 31 the two children are spinoffs of Shun and Ikki from Seiya notice their names and appearance

In episode 31 at around 9:32 the statue next to Maria is Pastel Ink from Moetan

In episode 31 at around 9:56 Nagi imitates Shin-chan

In episode 31 at around 10:37 the statue next to Maria is Nijihara Ink from Moetan

In episode 31 at around 21:39 the trophy that Hayate recieves resembles the Athena statue in Saint Seiya

In episode 31 at around 3:40, the plushes behind Maria are Ah-Kun and Ka-Kun from Moetan

In episode 31 at around 08:38 the painting is actually Babbo from MÄR with a human body (normally he's just the head with the long nose and mustaches).

In episode 31, at around 12:37, the three characters to the left (including the iron ball) are cosplays from MÄR being (from left to right) Dorothy, Ginta and Babbo. All with colors darker than their originals.

In episode 31, Hayate had mentioned Ingrams and Sakuya had mentioned Special Vehicle Divisions. Both references were toward Patlabor.

In episode 31, Hayate was racing mini 4WD against the third butler. The butler called himself Mini Yon. It is reference to Yonkurou Hinomaru from Dash! Yonkuro. And the anouncer was seen wearing the costume with two stars on it in reference of 4WD racer manufacturer Tamiya.

In episode 32, when Tama says "I love you Brenda", he's referring to Brenda Walsh from Beverly Hills 90210. The voice of Tama, Juurouta Kosugi, dubbed the voice of Dylan McKay in Japanese.

In episode 32 when Nabeshin and his family are watching TV they're watching Hare Tokidoki Buta, a somewhat obscure anime that Nabeshin directed.

In episode 32, the viruses that attack Isumi and Sakuya resemble Baikinman from Anpanman.

In episode 32 in the scene where Ayumu's being questioned, a girl with a balloon can be seen standing in the background. That girl is dressed up as Yuu from the anime 'Magical Angel Creamy Mami'.

In episode 32, at around 12:22, sakuya was referring to the sea of decay, from one of Miyazawa's classics Nausicaa of the valley of the wind. the creature on her shoulders looks like the pet of nausicaa in the movie.

In episode 32, when Nabeshin's wife trys to sell Nabeshin's Comike items to Hayate, her face changes somehow close to depic Popura Taneshima of the anime "Working!" only that her eye color is different

In episode 33 around 5:51 the scene is a parody of Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei

In episode 33 at around 6:45 the red stand is a parody of Master Cooking Boy and the blue stand is a parody of Yakitate Japan

In episode 33 around 9:03 you can see Mina from Getsumen to Heiki Mina in the background

In episode 33 the technique that the fortune teller uses to control Nagi is a spin off of Lelouch's Geass fron Code Geass

In episode 33 the model at around 16:49 is Turn A Gundam

In episode 33 the Puppet Butler that uses Geass also does the voice for Lelouch in Code Geass

In episode 33, when the SPs are shown watching an idol singing in the festival, the idol Erina has the style of Kirarin Revolution, an anime about a girl becoming an idol.

In episode 33 at around 4:22 Izumi hands out a pot with Senzu written on it, which is in relation with the Senzu beans from Dragon Ball, so at 4:33 Hayate eats one of them and powers up pretty much like in Dragon Ball.

In episode 33, the Puppet Butler resembles Watanuki Kimihiro from xxxHOLiC who is also coincidentally voiced by Fukuyama Jun (the same actor who voiced Lelouch in Code Geass).

In Episode 33, it is revealed that Jor-kun, the snake, is actually named Jörmungandr, which in Norse Mythology is the name of the Midgard Serpent, child of Loki. In Norse Myth, the serpent is big enough to encircle the world and bite it's own tail. This is why the Principal jokes that his favorite foods are "the 5 continents, 3 oceans, and all that lives".

In episode 35, around the 8:00 mark, the clothes on the rack seen in the background belong to the characters from the ps2 rpg Persona 3. From left to right, the clothes belong to Junpei, the main character, Yukari, Fuuka, Mitsuru, and Aegis.

In episode 35, the clothes that Maria changes into are from Neon Genesis Evangelion (middle school female uniform), Suigintou's clothes from Rozen Maiden (Maria's voice actor Tanaka Rei also cosplayed as Suigintou), and Annie from the live-action show Uchuu Keiji Shaider.

In episode 35, there is a scene where two characters greatly resembling Char Aznable and Haman Karn from Zeta Gundam are seen buying from a vending machine labeled "Zion".

In episode 35 when Hayate and Maria are brought to the anime production company you can see Hayate no Gotoku! posters in the background

In episode 35, around the 14:59-15:00 min. mark, Hayate and Maria's face turns red from looking at an item at a stand, when they run away from each other, Maria runs past Sakura from the Da Capo series.

In episode 35, at 11:00, the characters try to disguise themselves with Afros, while Nabeshin is shown briefly in the foreground, sporting the same afro(which he always sports). He also appears at 6:28. These blatant references have been introduced into the episode by Nabeshin himself, who just happened to be the storyboard director of the episode, and tends to insert himself into all animes he directs.

At 4:47 in Episode 36, Klaus is shown with the Longinus Spear (of Evangelion fame) on his back, and when Hayate tries to touch him he gets hit by its AT Field (another Eva reference).

At 8:00 in Episode 36, the fan service shot of Hinagiku has her wearing Chun-li's attire.

In episode 36, when Hayate is shown as an angel in front of Klaus (~16:10), he's wearing Belldandy's costume. Then he says his name is Hermione, which Klaus says that she sounds like she can use magic (Harry Potter).

In episode 36, Sumi and Ink from Moetan are briefly shown behind Hayate and Nagi in their classroom.

In Episode 36, at 08:52, the name 'Nwinings Tea' can be seen on the tin. This is a play on the famous Twinings Tea brand.

In episode 37, the video game that Nagi and Ayumu were playing was Bomberman.

In episode 38, the cyborg butler, played by Hiyama Nobuyuki, uses a move called "Jigoku to Tengoku" (Hell and Heaven) on Hayate. This is the translated name (English to Japanese) of Gai Shishiou's attack in GaoGaiGar, whom Nobuyuki also voices. The attack is the same, minus the giant robot--GaoGaiGar. The "Goldion Hammer" attack and "Hikari ni Nare!" (Turn into Light!) line are also from GaoGaiGar. Finally, the cyborg butler bears a very similar resemblance to Gai.

In episode 38 at around 09:18, Nagi shouts "Shut Up!" (Urusai!) thrice in a row. This may be a reference to Shana in Shakugan no Shana who is famous for that line. Coincidentally, Rie Kugimiya, the one who voices Nagi, also does the voice of Shana.

In Episode 38, at 13:30, the Cyborg Butler says his secret weapon is courage. This may be a reference to Link from The Legend of Zelda, who shares the same voice actor as the Cyborg Butler (Nobuyuki Hiyama): Link's possesses the Triforce of Courage, making his secret power Courage as well.

Maria's voice actress is Rie Tanaka, same voice actress as Mariel in Hanaukyo Maid-tai, and she wears the exact same uniform as she. Also in episode 38 (00:30) you can notice Momotaro from Zettai Karen Children, the Autobots emblem and Mokona from Rayearth.

-In Episode 38, at 14:00, Himegami wears a mask very similar to the Mask of Truth from The Legend of Zelda : Majora's Mask and The Legend of Zelda : Ocarina of Time.

In episode 39 the legendary butler uniform is a play on the gold cloths in Saint Seiya

In Episode 39 the mecha that protect the legendary butler uniform is the Gurren-Lagann from Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann

In episode 39, around 0:25, a very obvious big black dragon ball with four stars on it is about to be thrown, and was thrown, at klaus by nagi.

In episode 40, Hayate races Knight Rider.

In episode 40, Hayate's "Ditch Run" is a parody of Initial D, where AE86 Tureno performs the same technique on Akina downhill.

In episode 40, the game Nagi is playing is Princess Crown on the PSP. Just before her batteries die, she says "My Gradriel is dead." Princess Gradriel is the main character of Princess Crown.

In episode 40, Sakuya's cellphone is the waterproof Fujitsu F703i. Takuya Kimura ("Kimutaku") from SMAP did a commercial for it.

In episode 40, in the scene where Hayate falls down from being frozen, three angels descend like the final scene in The Dog of Flanders.

In episode 40, at the 1:10 mark, the bright coloured background, silhouette, and credits, is a parody of the opening video of the 1967 live-action series Ultra Seven.

In episode 40, Hayate is watching Sachiko Kobayashi who performs on the New Year's music program, Kohaku Utagassen, wearing a large costume.

In episode 42, at about 7:30 the frog in the Ma box is actually a reference to Keroro Gunsou

In episode 42, the story starting at about 9:56 is actually exactly the same as the movie(or book I guess) War of the Worlds.

In episode 42, the caterpillar Isumi is talking about is actually the larva of the famous Godzilla villain, Mothra.

In episode 43, at about 11:04 the Piyo Piyo terrorist to the left is actually Schwarz Bruder from G Gundam, he has exactly the same mask designs

In Episode 43, the shinigami behind Hayate is Ryuuku from Death Note.

In Episode 44, around 10:00, the animator has a SOS logo on her shirt from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya.

In Episode 44, at the start of the Artist's Rendition (at 7:07), Kinnikuman is shown

In Episode 44, at 8:37, Nia and Yoko from Tengen Toppa Gurren are shown as animators, the girl from Gegege no Kitaro (which I don't remember her name :)) receives the package from Nia. Afterwards, Aruruu from Utawarerumono is shown as the editor. Laterly also Mitsuki from Full Moon wo Sagashite and Li Kohran from Sakura Taisen.

While not lookalikes, but the girls shown around 10:00 in episode 44 are look like Meer Campbell from Gundam Seed Destiny (watch the hairpin, and there's a Haro on the background), and Miyuki from Lucky Star (as said before, the SOS logo means she's from Kyoani, Haruhi and Lucky Star's animation studio), she's also watching an sketched Haruhi walking.

In Episode 44, when the meeting room door is shown at 11:04, it has B-daman characters on it.

In episode 44, Between the commercials before the show at 16:03, a Gamers commercial is done which feature Digi Charat and Petit Charat.

in episode 44, the overly active man in the "commercial" also appeared in the anime Lucky Star also he says "to those 160000000 girl A's" in the beginning which is also a reference to Lucky Star, where he calls Izumi Konata, one of the main characters, legendary girl A

In episode 46, at 17:40, when Wataru leaves Saki, she says a couple of phrases about her master. The phrases have a similar meaning to the lyrics of "Zankoku Na Tenshi No Teeze" from Evangelion. Even a "Seele 01" black pillar appears in front of her at the end. The narrator also says: "So even if there is a song with a similar meaning, it's a pure coincidence".

In episode 46, at 19:39, after Wataru loses, the scene changes and shows him defeated in a ring's corner, this is a reference to "Hajime no Ippo"

In episode 46 at 2:01 the line that nagi says is a reference to the manga Hana Kimi

In episode 47, at the beginning, Nagi is watching the movie "300"

In episode 47 at 3:52 Nagi is watching another movie, this time is "The Matrix" in her TV "Somy"

In episode 47 at 7:35 the girl who is crossing the screen in a tricycle is Kinoko Sarada from anime "Dr. Slump"

In episode 48, Hinagiku saves a cat from a tree that looks awfully similar to Ha-san from Sketchbook ~full color's~. Ha-san is also voiced by Hinagiku's seiyuu, Itou Shizuka.

In episode 48, around 14.59, Sister Fortesia (Sonia), of this series' manga makes an appearance while Hayate was apologizing to Hinagiku.

In episode 48 around 16.15, you can see a stuffed doll looked like Tama inside the UFO Catcher.

In episode 48, around 14.00, you can see a girl look like Mayuki Kosaka of D.C. II with different hair color sitting next to Hina's table, whose seiyuu of the two are the same person.

In episode 48, around 11.40, Hayate most probably referring Azumamiya as Nobita-kun, whereas both of them did the best in ayatori (cat's cradle).

In episode 49 around 7:53 There's a reference to Prince of Tennis and Eyeshield 21, the beeped words are "Boomerang Snake" a special move of Kaoru Kaidoh in Prince of Tennis, and the second is "Devil Bat Dive" a special move of Sena Kobayakawa in Eyesehield 21.

In episode 49, around 11:42, Nagi is called Nagi Springfield, which is probably a reference to Negi Springfield, protagonist of the anime, Mahou Sensei Negima

In episode 49, around 19:55, the spaceship shown is most likely the flagship of the Spirals in the anime Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

In episode 49, at around 16:58, the story told by one of the trio was very similar to a classic horror story titled The Monkey's Paw by W. W. Jacobs, where the protagonists were also granted three wishes.

In episode 49, during Asakaze Riza's normal story, she and her friends look very similar to the characters from Sgt. Frog (Keroro Gunso).

In Episode 49 at about 8:04, what Shion is wearing is probably one of the "Bakushō Mondai no Bakuten!" show's mascot.

In Episode 49, around 11:42; when Risa called Nagi "Nagi Springfield", it is a reference to Mahou Sensei Negima, where the main protagonist's (Negi Springfield) father's name is Nagi Springfield.

In episode 50, at around 5:27,a character that looks like tomoyo from clannad is seen beside the vice president and secretary during the contest, the teddy bear sign above her head also reinforces this idea as tomoyo is almost always seen wearing a teddy bear costume.

In episode 50, Nishizawa was referring to Animal Planet chanel.

In Episode 50, the presentator Abe Maou could be a reference to an anime with the name Neo Ranga due to the red marks on her body which are pretty much similar.

In episode 50 around 14:26, it might be a reference to Kawamura Takeshi from Prince of Tennis

In episode 51 around 16:30, the scene with Himuro and Sir Taiga is quite similar to the "I'm Flying" scene from the Titanic when Leo Di Caprio and Kate Winslet (or something) do the scene at the front part of the ship (i don't remember what that part is called though), where Leo is holding Kate from behind while she opens her arms wide open.

In episode 51, the triumphal arc around 17:30 is quite similar (if not the same) as the arc in France.

In Episode 51, while Nagi is cooking the stew, around 11:42, she asks Maria to give her a maximum tomato which is a reference to the game Kirby where a maximum tomato could restore full health. This is further shown at around 20:22 where Wataru comments that he has just charged full HP.

In episode 51 at 2:30, the Superintendent and Shion appear in Zeon suits, of Mobile Suit Gundam fame.

In episode 51, at 5:48, the Announcer says that Kaoru sensei is making a Gunpla (GUNdam PLAstic model), but he's doing a Getta 3 Plamo.

In episode 51, the UFO catcher shown at about 6:45 has Keroro Gunsoos on it.

In episode 51, Kaoru sensei talks with Saki about the 100th Master Grade Gunpla, and he tells her that he thought it was going to be either V or V2, this has a little background story which is as follows: Bandai had a contest in which Gundam Ace and Dengeki magazine readers could submit a guess and those that submitted the correct Mobile Suit (it was Turn A Gundam) would be eligible to get a special gold version of the plamo for free, with a stock of 100.

In episode 51, Nagi orders Maria to give her a maximum tomato, something that is able to fully recover one's health. This is exactly what it does in many games that star Kirby.

In Episode 51, at around 7:09 you can see a coffee shop sign called "cafe CAT" possible reference to "Subarashiki Kono Sekai" aka "It's A Wonderful World" or "The World Ends With You" where there's coffee shop with the same name and format.

In episode 52, the movie Nagi is watching in the beginning of the episode looks a lot like "Back to the Future"

In Episode 52, Izumi, Risa, and Miki are playing the board game "Life".

In episode 52, when the mafia is chasing after Nagi and Hayate (in the past), the mafia members are all talking jibberish in other languages (some of the times) in order to emphasize on the "foreign" part of them

In episode 52, at about 17:30, Hayate takes Nagi's hat and throws it at the mafia member n the helicopter. This is most likely a mimic of Oddjob from James Bond film Goldfinger, where his hat is a throwing weapon. Also, one may associate this act to Kung-Lao's move from Mortal Combat when he throws his hat also.

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