Lupin the 3rd: Green vs Red (OAV)

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The first Lupin III anime to sponsor and use the McDonald's restaurant name.

Yasuo and Yukiko were named after Yasuo Yamada and Yukiko Nikaido, who were both previous Japanese voice actors for Lupin and Fujiko, respectively.

This OAV was specially made for the 40th anniversary of the Lupin III franchise.

During the opening theme song the following Lupins who make a cameo are Pilot Film Lupin, Green Jacket Lupin from the first TV series, Red Jacket Lupin from the Second TV series, The Lupin Imposter from episode 15 of the Red Jacket series: "Two Faces of Lupin", Lupin in an undershirt from episode 145 of the Red Jacket series, The Lupin Imposter from episode 155 of the red Jacket series, Both the regular and wacky Pink Jacket Lupin from the Third TV series, Secret of Mamo Lupin, Cagliostro Lupin, Babylon Lupin, Fuma Conspiracy Lupin, & the thinned out Lupin from Dragon of Doom.

The broch one of the Lupins was holding was the MacGuffin broch from the Lupin III: Missed By a Dollar TV special.

Kenichi Ogata's first role in a Lupin III anime in seven years.

When Yasuo pickpocket a pedestrian, one of the other pedestrians is wearing a shirt containing the image of the green Lupin style smiley face.

Mugihito's first role in a Lupin anime in 23 years.

Takashi TAGUCHI's first role in a Lupin anime in 16 years.

The Lupin with the afro is based off of Shinichi Watanabe who is a big Lupin fan and also directed the 1999 TV special: "Fujiko's Unlucky Days".

Yasuo has a poster of the 2005 remake "The Producers" in his apartment.

Motomu Kiyokawa's first role in a Lupin anime in 31 years.

A poster of "The Pirates of the Carribean" is seen during Yasuo's day dream of Fujiko.

According to the computer file on Lupin, he is 179 cm(5'10") tall and weighs 63 kg(139 lbs).

In the beginning, the R33 license plate from Lupin's Fiat 500 in Castle of Cagliostro is seen laying in the bottom of the riverbed.

The first Lupin OVA to feature Lupin in a red jacket.

The first Lupin anime to feature the song "Treasure of the Flame" in 31 years.

The original poster for Castle of Cagliostro is seen in damaged quality at the camera room hideout.

The obese Lupin who appears during the opening theme song is the only Lupin to not originate from any of the manga or anime series before or since.

The promise rings that Yasuo stole to give to Yukiko are actually called "pair rings". Very similar type of rings with one exception. Pair rings symbolize only the basic promise to remain monogamous in a current relationship between two people. While a promise ring can also serve as a commitment to one day become engaged to another person.

After taking down the mercenary in the helicopter, Jigen asked Goemon why he let himself get captured. Goemon explained it was because the mercenary look like Lupin which made him hesitate. Jigen then faintly praises Goemon for taking the "high road" but then explains to Goemon: "even so, you can't sumo-wrestle in another man's fundoshi." A fundoshi is a traditional Japanese loincloth used in sumo. Generally this saying refers to people being generous with other people's money. In this case, it's about identity theft, or more accurately, posing as someone else. Here Jigen tells us that it was inevitable the mercenary would not have succeeded in his impersonation forever, so it was out of character for Goemon to restrain himself at first.

According to Katayama's medical record he was born on August 8, 1945. Earlier in the OVA it was stated that Zenigata was 5 years his senior which means Zenigata was born in the year 1940 in this OVA.

The "Rupan the 3rd" graffiti made by one of the Lupin imposters isn't a tribute to AnimEigo the company that originally had American distribution rights to "Gold of Babylon" & "Fuma Conspiracy". It's actually a tribute to how Lupin's name is pronounced in Japanese.

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