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In the 1st episode, when Lala shows her tail to Rito, she says that just because she has a tail, it doesn't mean that she will transform when she sees a full moon. This is most likely a reference to Dragonball since when the Sayans see a full moon, they transform.

the character known as Golden Darkness looks the same, has the same powers and the same voice actress as the character Eve from Black Cat another one of Kentaro Yabuki original creations.

In the 10th episode, when Stella (president of Lala's fan club) shows them her card, her name reads "Stella Dumpty". This may be a reference to a joke about Humpty Dumpty the egg (who sat on a wall and then fell and became omelette), since she is short and stumpy and her shape is similar to an egg (like Humpty Dumpty).

The title of the anime/manga To Love Ru (here in english), (To Love+[plus]Ru [Ru is a japanese syllabe]) is a pun with the japanese pronunciation, so that in japanese To Love Ru sounds ''To-rabu-ru'' that means ''Trouble'' too. Then the title is a joke with two meanings, ''love'' and ''trouble'' (the fun part)

As Lala said in the 1st episode about her tail (she'll not transform in the full moon like the Sayans in Dragon Ball), Run or Ren changes her (or his) personality when sneezes like Lanchi from Dragon Ball.

In episod 15, the wall-scroll in the ballroom reads 根性 (konjou, "will-power, guts").

The name of the high school in To Love-Ru, Sainan (彩南), is a homophone to the Japanese word for catastrophe (災難). This is probably a wordplay related to the theme of the anime.

In Episode 1 before began the opening lala flees in a spaceship, and when enters to a satellite sphere, is a clear reference of the movie Star Wars Episode IV of the star of the death.

In Episode 2, Haruna is holding a Yobex bag, probably referring to Yonex.

In episode 3, at about 8:15 when Lala tries different clothes (4th outfit), she wears a costume very similar to Disney's Snow White.

In episode 4 at 15 and a half minutes, Rito is posing similar to the pose that Master Cheif did in the Halo video game series.

In Episode 5, the "Technology of Over Level Operation for Very heavy command to Electronic control unit" Acronym is most likely a parody of the GUNDAM Acronym.

In episode 7 at about 11:30-12 minutes when Ren goes to the theater to watch the movie "Man", he is actually watching Rocky (as in the Stalone movies), only that here they spelt it Pocky. Then at 13 minutes, he is re-enacting a famous Karate Kid scene.

In Episode 9, during the last part where the Rocket Man blasts off erratically, he does a Simoun Falcon Ri-Maajon.

In Episode 9, as Pikary looks to the heavens asking his father on what he should do, he mentions the names of his brothers which kinda resembles the names of the members of the Ultraman family: Seven, Jack, Ace, Taro. In fact, their costumes look like modified mock Ultraman suits.

In episode 10, Rito is watching "Magical Kyouko" on TV. Magical Kyouko, the character, is yet another Black Cat reference, having the same looks, powers and voice actress as Kirisaki Kyoko there.

In episode 15, the soccer player that tackled Rito resembles Ronaldhino, a Brazilian star player.

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