Heroes Are Extinct! (GN 3)

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Title: Heroes Are Extinct!
Volume: GN 3
Pages: 200
Distributor: Digital Manga Publishing

Release date: 2008-01-15
Suggested retail price: $12.95
Age rating: 13+

ISBN-10: 1569707928 1569707928
ISBN-13: 9781569707920 9781569707920

The conclusion of Cassiel's weird and semi-evil adventure is at hand!

Having grown up on his home planet watching superhero TV shows, Cassiel has always dreamed of pitting his strength against the heroes protecting the Earth. Now that he is a general in the imperial army, his dream can finally come true. He sets off to Earth as an intergalactic super-villain. But Earth has no heroes protecting it in real life! So Cassiel has picked five humans and is currently training them to defend the Earth. With their training complete, the war for Earth is about to commence! Well... maybe.

Story and art by Ryoji Hido.

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