Wild Adapter (GN 4)

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Title: Wild Adapter
Volume: GN 4
Pages: 192
Distributor: Tokyopop

Release date: 2008-02-12
Suggested retail price: $9.99
Age rating: 16+

ISBN-10: 1598169815 1598169815
ISBN-13: 9781598169812 9781598169812

In the wrong place at the wrong time, Kubota is pulled in for questioning by the police. Meanwhile, Tokito is left in the dark, homeless and incommunicado, with no choice but to try and uncover what happened to his friend. As he uncovers more about Kubota's past, Tokito must decide just how much he really wants to know about his roommate... and how far he is willing to go to get him back!

Story and art by Kazuya Minekura.

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