Blue Dragon (Dub.DVD 2)

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Title: Blue Dragon
Volume: Dub.DVD 2
Running time: 90
Distributor: Viz Media

Release date: 2008-11-18
Suggested retail price: $14.98
Age rating: ALL

UPC: 782009238591 782009238591
ISBN-10: 1421522640 1421522640
ISBN-13: 9781421522647 9781421522647

Shu and his fellow shadow wielders are determined to seek help at Jibral castle. When they are finally granted an audience with the king, Zola requests permission to view the all-important Book of the Beginning. But during an attack by Gran Kingdom, seven key pages of the book are stolen, and the group decides to set off on a dangerous journey to Gran Kingdom itself!

Contains episodes 6-9:
No Good Deed Goes Unpunished
The Trouble With Ghosts
Castle Under Siege!
The Sinister Sea

Spoken Languages: English.

(added on 2008-07-23)

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