Blade of the Immortal - Mirror of the Soul (GN 13)

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Title: Blade of the Immortal - Mirror of the Soul
Volume: GN 13
Pages: 256
Distributor: Dark Horse Comics

Release date: 2004-08-18
Suggested retail price: $17.95
Age rating: 17+

SKU: DH13319
ISBN-10: 159307218X 159307218X
ISBN-13: 9781593072186 9781593072186

Anotsu Kagehisa,​ master swordsman and leader of the rogue Itto-ryu dojo,​ has sheathed his blade for the moment to join in marriage with the daughter of a swordmaster whose dojo is to be brought under Onotsus' dark wing.​ But for a man of action,​ the formal traditions of feudal Japan can be just as tense and fraught with hidden agendas as the battlefield.​

And while Anotsu may indulge in a moment of peace,​ his enemies are not at rest,​ among them Rin,​ who has stalked him for years to take revenge for the murder of her parents.​ Anotsu had best make sure that if he stops to smell the flowers,​ he doesn't end up losing his head!

Story and art by Hiroaki Samura.​

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