Key the Metal Idol - Awakening (DVD 1 of 3)

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Title: Key the Metal Idol - Awakening
Volume: DVD 1 / 3
Running time: 210
Distributor: Viz Media

Release date: 2000-07-25
Suggested retail price: $29.98
Age rating: 13+

UPC: 013023043398 013023043398

Wanted: 30,​000 people to give their love to a girl made of metal.​.. Created by a kindly old scientist,​ Key is an android who has been growing up,​ but only when the doctor exchanges her artificial body for an older one.​

When her creator dies,​ Key is trapped in the body of a teenage girl who will never age or die,​ and even though she doesn’t really understand how to act human,​ it is her most trea-sured dream to become a real girl.​ Key pins all of her hopes on her creator’s last message,​ which suggests that to become human,​ she must win the love of 30,​000 people.​.. Will you become one of Key’s 30,​000 friends?​ Contains 7 OVA eps.​

DVD Features include: scene access,​ conceptual art,​ character profiles and information,​ interview with Hiroaki Sato,​ and a FAQ.​

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