Hello Kitty & Friends - Circus Comes To Town [Mini] (DVD 2)

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Title: Hello Kitty & Friends - Circus Comes To Town [Mini]
Volume: DVD 2
Distributor: A.D. Vision

Release date: 2004-08-17
Suggested retail price: $6.98
Age rating: GA

UPC: 702727103520 702727103520

Join Kitty and her friends for a fun-filled summer! When the circus comes to town, Kitty and Mimmy discover that even a circus star needs a little confidence! Then, it looks like Kitty and Mimmy are going to need some help, too, when the big clock in town suddenly stops. But don’t worry! Because even though the clock stops ticking, Kitty still knows how to have a good time! After that, it’s time to play ball with everybody’s favorite frog Kerropi! And shine like a star with new friends Patty and Jimmy! And then it’s time to get on your swimsuit for Pekkle the duck’s big swimming race! You’ve never had such a fun-filled time!

(added on 2010-02-03)

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