When the Heavens Smile (GN)

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Title: When the Heavens Smile
Volume: GN
Pages: 180
Distributor: Digital Manga Publishing

Release date: 2010-05-26
Suggested retail price: $12.95
Age rating: 16+

ISBN-10: 1569700524 1569700524
ISBN-13: 9781569700525 9781569700525

Takagi, rather a cute and innocent guy, is best friends and class mates with Kumoi, the tall, intellectual guy. One day, Takagi sees a pencil sketch of a person in between Kumoi’s notebook pages, stunned to find a sketch of a man, resembles his older brother. So he asks, “Is that a picture of my brother…he passed away 6 years ago…?” Kumoi responds, “no, no… that’s nobody. It’s just a doodle of a random guy.” Takagi tells himself that Kumoi couldn’t have possibly known his brother and that this was just a silly fluke and the drawing was nothing but a random drawing… but he can’t stop thinking there is something more to the sketch…

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