Vampire Knight Guilty (DVD/R4 1 of 3)

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Title: Vampire Knight Guilty
Volume: DVD/R4 1 / 3
Running time: 100
Distributor: Madman Entertainment

Release date: 2011-04-20
Suggested retail price: $24.95
Age rating: M

ISBN-13: 9322225086418 9322225086418

Memories of a bloody past

At prestigious Cross Academy, there are two sessions of classes, the Day Class and the Night Class. Yuki and Zero keep watch over the Day Class and must also protect the secret of the Night Class: they are all vampires! The leader of the Night Class, Kaname, to whom Yuki owes her life, saves Zero, whom she wants to protect. The triangle becomes trickier as Yuki remembers parts of her forgotten past, and secrets to be revealed.

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