Vampire Hunter D - Tyrant's Stars (parts 3-4) (Novel 17)

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Title: Vampire Hunter D - Tyrant's Stars (parts 3-4)
Volume: Novel 17
Pages: 320
Distributor: Dark Horse Comics

Release date: 2011-10-04
Suggested retail price: $14.99
Age rating: 16+

SKU: DH17332
ISBN-10: 1595828206 1595828206
ISBN-13: 9781595828200 9781595828200

Vampire Hunter D continues his quest to overcome the interstellar evil brought to Earth by the ultimate Noble, the terrifying renegade vampire Valcua! Wielding a sword that can cut through the fabric of space and time, Valcua has a score to settle with the bloodline of humans responsible for his exile. The family has enlisted D to protect them from Valcua's wrath, and the Vampire Hunter might be their only chance at survival.

Story by Hideyuki Kikuchi and Art by Yoshitaka Amano.

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