Kizuna - Bonds of Love (GN 8)

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Title: Kizuna - Bonds of Love
Volume: GN 8
Pages: 216
Distributor: Central Park Media

Release date: 2007-05-01
Suggested retail price: $15.99
Age rating: 18+

ISBN-10: 1933440155 1933440155
ISBN-13: 9781933440156 9781933440156

Romantic tensions threaten to boil over as the Kyoto honeymoon adventure continues! First,​ Kai is unrelenting in his quest to get some "alone time" with Masa,​ but the burly bodyguard spurns Kai's advances for reasons unknown.​ Meanwhile,​ the newlyweds Ranmaru and Kei take every opportunity to consummate their love during the holiday retreat,​ and the sights and sounds of their coupling only serve to drive Kai deeper into despair.​ Will a frustrated Kai be able to make his wish come true?​

Story and art by Kazuma Kodaka.​

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