Fushigi Yûgi - Memories (Dub.VHS 2)

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Title: Fushigi Yûgi - Memories
Volume: Dub.VHS 2
Running time: 90
Distributor: Geneon Entertainment Inc.

Release date: 2000-12-26
Suggested retail price: $24.98
Age rating: nr

UPC: 013023142534 013023142534

Volume #2, Contains OVA Episodes 4-6 Without memories of his past, can Miaka and Tamahome be happy? Before they have a chance to find out, Shigyou, a new student who seems to know all about "The Universe of the Four Gods", has Miaka thrown off of the roof of the school! Tamahome, now known as Taka, leaps to Miaka's rescue, but both of them land in the four kingdoms! Now Yui, Keisuke, and Tetsuya must discover how the book was opened while Miaka and Taka race to relearn how to survive in the Mysterious Play!

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