Little Busters! - Collection 1 (Blu-Ray)

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Title: Little Busters! - Collection 1
Volume: Blu-Ray
Running time: 325
Distributor: Sentai Filmworks

Release date: 2013-11-19
Suggested retail price: $69.98
Age rating: 14+

UPC: 814131013040 814131013040

When tragedy struck Riki Naoe as a child,​ he was rescued from grief over his parent's deaths when four other kids "recruited" him for their group,​ the "Little Busters.​" Now in high school,​ Riki and the other Busters are still fast friends,​ and though their vision of being heroes for justice may have faded,​ they'd still do anything for each other - which is why Riki is now on TWO special missions.​

The not-so-secret one: recruiting new members so the Busters can form a baseball team.​ Preferably female recruits,​ as the current dude/​babe ratio is an inconvenient 4 to 1.​ The other mission,​ though,​ that's the strange one.​ Riki and Rin,​ the group's singular girl,​ are receiving odd messages delivered by cats concerning the existence of a "secret world" and assigning them tasks they have to complete.​ Were their youthful dreams of being crusaders not so fanciful after all?​ Or is there something even more vital at stake?​

Contains episodes 1-13.​

Special Features: Clean Opening Animation,​ Clean Closing Animation.​

Spoken Languages: English,​ Japanese,​ English subtitles.​

Note: Due to license restrictions,​ the English subtitles on this release can not be turned off when watching with Japanese audio.​

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