Eureka Seven - Part 1 [Limited Edition] (Blu-Ray)

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Title: Eureka Seven - Part 1 [Limited Edition]
Volume: Blu-Ray
Running time: 625
Distributor: FUNimation Entertainment

Release date: 2014-04-22
Suggested retail price: $49.98
Age rating: 14+

SKU: FN01394
UPC: 704400013942 704400013942

For Renton,​ every day's the same.​ Nothing happens,​ nothing changes.​ He goes to school,​ he goes home.​ The only thing that keeps him happy is lifting on his ref board.​ Then one day,​ a giant mecha called an LFO comes crashing down on him - literally.​ Inside is the most beautiful girl he has ever seen!

The thing is,​ the girl is on the run from the military with her stolen mecha,​ and she's brought trouble with her.​ Renton will have to summon up all his courage to face his childhood hero; get the girl he's hopelessly smitten with to like him; and - oh yeah - live up to the legacy of his father who saved the world.​ But hey,​ at least it's not boring anymore.​

Contains episodes 1-26 plus a limited edition chipboard artbox designed to house Parts 1 and 2!

Special Features: Episode Commentary (see list), Interviews with Japanese Voice Actors Yuko Sanpei (Renton) and Kaori Nazuka (Eureka) Parts 1 & 2,​ Interview with Japanese Voice Actor Keiji Fujiwara (Holland) and Michiko Neya (Talho) Part 1,​ Interview with English Voice Actor Stephanie Sheh (Eureka), Interview with English Voice Actor Johnny Yong Bosch (Renton), Interview with English Voice Actor Crispin Freeman (Holland) Part 1.​

Episode Commentaries:
Episode 1: Yuko Sanpei (Renton) & Kaori Nazuka (Eureka)
Episode 7: Yuko Sanpei (Renton), Kaori Nazuka (Eureka), & Mamoru Miyano (Moondoggie)
Episode 13: Yuko Sanpei (Renton), Kaori Nazuka (Eureka), & Shigenori Yamazaki (Dominic)
Episode 15: Yuko Sanpei (Renton), Kaori Nazuka (Eureka), Akio Nakamura (Matthieu), & Mayumi Asano (Hilda)
Episode 20: Yuko Sanpei (Renton), Kaori Nazuka (Eureka), & Keiji Fujiwara (Holland)
Episode 20: Yuko Sanpei (Renton), Kenichi Yoshida (Character Designer), & Masayuki Miyaji (Storyboard Artist)

Spoken Languages: English,​ Japanese,​ English subtitles.​

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