The Violet Knight (eBook 1)

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Title: The Violet Knight
Volume: eBook 1
Running time: 311
Distributor: Cross Infinite World

Release date: 2016-09-12
Suggested retail price: $8.99

ISBN-13: 9781945341014 9781945341014

Yuki was just your average high school girl—that is, if you consider having violet eyes and not aging a day since her tenth birthday as average. The day before her university entrance ceremony, Yuki’s father tells her he’s from another world, before throwing her off their condo’s balcony on the 14th floor.

The next thing she knows she’s rescued by the handsome Fourth Prince of Adolunde and forced into a contract with him. Yuki travels to the front lines of a war she knows nothing about to keep out of reach of the psychotic First Prince of Adolunde. He will go to any lengths to sacrifice her as the Legendary Witch she resembles.

What will happen to Yuki? Will she revert to her true age and return home? Or will Adolunde’s first prince burn her at the stake?

The Violet Knight is one of the first Josei Japanese Light Novel series officially in English!

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