Code:Realize -Guardian of Rebirth- - The Complete Series (BD+DVD)

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Title: Code:Realize -Guardian of Rebirth- - The Complete Series
Volume: BD+DVD
Running time: 325
Distributor: FUNimation Entertainment

Release date: 2018-11-13
Suggested retail price: $64.98
Age rating: 14

UPC: 704400025853 704400025853

Cardia Beckford is a monster—or so she’s been called due to a deadly poison dwelling in her body. Unable to touch anyone or anything, she is locked away in her home and abandoned by her father. But one fateful night, she’s swept away by the dashing phantom thief, Arsène Lupin for a brand-new adventure!

Special Features: Promo Videos, Commercials, Music Clip, Textless Opening Songs, Trailers

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