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Living Sex Toy Delivery #1 / School of Bondage #1 / Custom Slave (DVD-R0)

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Title: Living Sex Toy Delivery #1 / School of Bondage #1 / Custom Slave
Volume: DVD-R0
Running time: 90
Distributor: NuTech Digital

Release date: 2004-05-25
Suggested retail price: $59.95
Age rating: 18+

SKU: NDI-709
UPC: 064572157098 064572157098

Living Sex Toy Delivery - Volume 1: The Boxed Women
Working for a moving company, Shouji is invited to a party by a girl named Yuika. However, he is drugged, and multiple women take advantage of him, and rape him repeatedly. When he recovers his memory, he finds himself stuffed in a cardboard box on the railroad tracks, with a suicide note stuffed inside. Shocked, he frantically escapes from the cardboard box. Vowing revenge, he sets off to Yuika's residence. He pretends to be a delivery man, and enters her apartment. There, he stuffs her in a box, an takes her to a hideout, where she will be used as a lure to contact the other party members that violated him. Watch the depravity of Shouji's revenge as he hunts down and boxes up the women for his carnal revenge...

School of Bondage - Episode 1: Stolen Purity
Upset by his parents failing marriage, Keisuke Shimizu takes it out on various women in his life. He trains these women to be his sex slaves. Starting with his music teacher, Remi Izumi, he moves to his classmate, Orie Yuki, and steals her virginity. The world of Yu, Nariaki Funahori adult comics come to life as an animated series! With a school ground as a backdrop, a sensational carnal adventure unfolds!

Custom Slave: Sayako's Chapter
Arisugawa Academy. An all-girl school well-known for its high standards with the upper class. However, there is a dark side to this educational facility. The Chairman of the academy, Hiroaki Takahashi, is a member of a secret organization whose prime objective is to cater to the sexual desires of government officials. Sayoko Mutsuki has fallen into the hands of this sinister being, who leads her to the path of libido. A high-class, well-behaved student... A horny, wicked sex slave... Which is the true her?

DVD Features: Animated Chapter Preview, Anime Photo Gallery, Website Access, DVD-ROM Compatible.

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