Oh My Goddess! Colors (Fanbook)

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Title: Oh My Goddess! Colors
Volume: Fanbook
Pages: 192
Distributor: Dark Horse Comics

Release date: 2005-11-02
Suggested retail price: $19.95
Age rating: 12+

SKU: 10-926
ISBN-10: 1593074085 1593074085
ISBN-13: 9781593074081 9781593074081

Oh My Goddess! Colors is Dark Horse's English-language edition of a special collection first published in Japan. Original publisher Kodansha, working with artist Kosuke Fujishima, produced color versions of four of the best-loved stories from the series, each centering on one of the goddesses.

"The Number You Have Dialed Is Incorrect" is the one which started it all, as Belldandy appears when Keiichi reaches The Goddess Technical Help Line. Belldandy's big sister Urd becomes small in "Urd's Fantastic Adventure," and in "Crazy Little Thing Called Love," Skuld, the youngest of the sisters, wobbles through her first romance while learning to ride a bicycle. Finally, "Are You Being Served?" brings in the Fourth Goddess, the vampish Peorth, when Keiichi misdials again to reach Belldandy's rival agency... the Earth Assistance Hotline!

In addition to the four color stories, the Oh My Goddess! Colors collection contains a bonus original manga story by Fujishima fan Yoshitou Asari. And if that doesn't do the trick, Kosuke Fujishima weighs in with an eight-page profile of the Goddesses. Plus, an eighteen-page "Encyclopedia of Goddess Terminology," cross-referencing the people, places, and events of the first twenty-two volumes of OMG!, four pages on the cars, bikes, and planes of the series, the two-page "Rules of the Goddess' World," and a six-page thumbnail guide to the OMG! story chapters. Oh My Goddess! Colors is the ultimate official fan companion to the manga series!

Published in the original Japanese format!

Story and Art by Kosuke Fujishima.

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