RG Veda (GN 6 of 10)

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Title: RG Veda
Volume: GN 6 / 10
Pages: 208
Distributor: Tokyopop

Release date: 2006-07-03
Suggested retail price: $9.99
Age rating: 13+

ISBN-10: 1595324895 1595324895
ISBN-13: 9781595324894 9781595324894

Yasha finally meets his long-lost brother, Rasetsu. In the midst of their hometown, Rasetsu attacks Yasha to avenge their tribe. Yasha must find a way to stop fighting his brother without killing him. And just as things could not become worse, Koumokuten tracks Yasha, Ashura, Lord Ryuu and Souma to the village.

Story and art by CLAMP.

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