Immortal Grand Prix - Season 1 Box Set (Toonami Version) (Dub.DVD 1-4 of 4)

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Title: Immortal Grand Prix - Season 1 Box Set (Toonami Version)
Volume: Dub.DVD 1-4 / 4
Running time: 300
Distributor: Bandai Entertainment

Release date: 2006-08-22
Suggested retail price: $39.98
Age rating: 7+

SKU: 22787
UPC: 669198227875 669198227875

The year is 2048, and the world's attention has been captured by the most extreme of sports: the Immortal Grand Prix. At speeds greater than 350 mph, state of the art fighting Mechs battle it out on an enormous track known as "The Big Eye."

Catapulting from their victory in the minor-league IG-2, Team Satomi must prepare to face the greatest of challenges in the major leagues. Led by racing phenom Takeshi Jin, Team Satomi is going to have to tighten up their team work, and prepare for the greatest of challenges found both off and on the track in the Big Eye.

DVD Features: Interview with Cartoon Network Producers, Cartoon Network Promo Spots, IGPX Pilot "Movie Cut," Commentary by Cartoon Network Producers, IGPX Music Video, Interview with Haley Joel Osment.

Spoken Languages: English.

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