Angel Beats, Durarara!! Fragrances for Sale in Japan

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Aroma fragrances in different varieties for eight characters

The international fashion and beauty supplier Cozy Wave has announced on Friday that it is accepting pre-orders in Japan for Angel Beats! Aroma Fragrances. The fragrances come in three varieties — one for each of the main female characters: Tenshi, Yui, and Yuri. People who pre-order online will receive a yogurt-flavored Ramune sweet imprinted with one of the three characters.

Before offering Angel Beats! fragrances, Cozy Wave launched its anime-themed fashion lineup in June with Durarara!! Aroma Fragrances. The Durarara!! fragrances now come in five varieties: Shizuo Heiwajima, Izaya Orihara, Masaomi Kida, Celty, and Anri. Online pre-orders for Durarara!! fragrances came with Ramune sweets or limited-edition Kit Kat chocolates.

Other anime goods that Cozy Wave has offered include mass-produced versions of the Chinese tuna buns from Macross Frontier.

[Via Kyō mo Yarareyaku]

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