Charger Girl Ju-den Chan Manga to Bundle Actual USB Charger

posted on by Jennifer Sherman
Manga about girl who "recharges" people to come with backup charger for mobile devices

The eighth limited-edition volume of Bow Ditama's Fight Ippatsu! Jūden-chan!! (Charger Girl Ju-den Chan) manga will bundle an actual USB charger when ships on September 24. The retailers Amazon and Mangaoh lists the manga for pre-order at 2,940 yen (about US$37) with tax.

The Ju-den Chan charger will be able to recharge devices with USB ports such as smart phones, other cellular phones, and game consoles. According to the publisher Wani Books and book retailers, the charger will have a high-capacity, 1400-mAh lithium polymer battery, and it can run in Japan or overseas since it can switch between 100 volts and 240 volts.

The manga itself follows Plug, a mysterious girl who came to our world from a parallel world with the ability to "charge" up dejected people. An anime version of the manga ran in 2009, and the Crunchyroll website has been streaming the anime outside Japan. Previous volumes of the manga, all published by Wani Books, are also now available without limited edition items.

[Via Ota-Suke, Temple Knights]

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