Gundam/Macross Designers Draw Quake Charity Shirts

posted on 2011-07-14 20:30 EDT by Egan Loo
Bakemonogatari/Tokyo Zombie/Bungaku Shōjo artists join Yoshikazu Yasuhiko, Kunio Okawara, Shoji Kawamori, Hidetaka Tenjin

Gundam designers Yoshikazu Yasuhiko and Kunio Okawara join 35 other creators in designing T-shirts for sale at a charity exhibition at Canopy Square in Tokyo Midtown Plaza from Saturday to Monday. The other designers include:

  • Shoji Kawamori (Macross, Escaflowne, Aquarion)
  • Poyoyon Rock/Akio Watanabe (Bakemonogatari/The World God Only Knows)
  • Yūsaku Hanakuma (Tokyo Zombie)
  • Miho Takeoka (Bungaku Shōjo)
  • Hidetaka Tenjin (Macross Frontier, Aquarion)
  • LLO (Mushi-Uta)
  • Chisato Naruse (Tenbatsu Angel Rabbie)

The "Design Garden Summer Charity T-Shirt Exhibition" will sell the T-shirts for 2,500 yen (about US$32), and there is a separate auction for the artist's original sketches. 1,000 yen ($12) from each shirt will be donated to the areas affected by the Great Eastern Japan Earthquake (Higashi Nihon Daishinsai) disaster. Except for Kawamori's shirts, all of the shirts are also available via online orders.
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Source: ITmedia's Net Lab

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