Maya Miyazaki Designs Look of Mango-Ache Rock Trio

posted on 2011-08-23 20:30 EDT by Crystalyn Hodgkins
Band to participate in events in Miyazaki's manga, real world simultaneously

Manga creator Maya Miyazaki (Holy Knight) has designed the look of the all-female electronic rock group Mango-Ache (pictured at right). Miyazaki began drawing an e-manga for the band in July, titled Mango-Ache ~Ongaku to Kairaku~ (Mango Ache ~Music and Pleasure~).

The band itself will have both a "real world" version and a manga-based "fictional world" version. The band's name in the manga is "Deep Mango-Ache" and its real-world name is "Right Mango-Ache." The band will "participate" in activities in both the manga and the real world at the same time. Mango-Ache is made up of three women from three different countries: Japan, America, and Korea.

Mango-Ache's first single, "Eternal Beauty," will go on sale on September 7 at the Shinjuku Tower Records store in Tokyo. The same store will host a Mango-Ache event on September 10, and Ustream will broadcast that event to computers worldwide.

The band's official YouTube channel is currently streaming a 40-second preview of "Eternal Beauty."

Miyazaki's Holy Knight manga will receive a original video anime adaptation as the first release from the Cammot animation project.

Source: Oricon

Image © Tower Records, Maya Miyazaki

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