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765 Pro Cake, ARE YOU READY!! Plate, Gorgeous Celeb Pudding, idol character drinks, more

To celebrate the current broadcast of The [email protected] anime, Akihabara's (Akiba's) Cure Maid Café is selling themed food and drinks this month. The maid café will offer the first half of the special menu from November 11 to 19 and the second half from November 20 to 28. Customers who order The [email protected] items will also receive one of three limited edition postcards. Those who order a character drinks have the option to purchase one of three themed glasses for an additional charge, and the glasses will also be sold separately.

The Wonder Café internet cafés in Chiba Prefecture's Mobara City and Saitama Prefecture's Misato City will also offer the same The [email protected] menu during November 11 - 28.

November 11 - 28 Items

765 Pro Cake (strawberry cheesecake)
ARE YOU READY!! Plate (vegetable sheet sandwich, sweet walnut bread)
character drink glasses
bonus postcards (clockwise from upper-left: November 11 - 19 postcard, November 11 - 28 postcar, November 20 - 28 postcard)

November 11 - 19 Items

Miki Hoshii drink (melon soda, grapefruit juice, pineapple piece)
Mami Futami drink (grapefruit juice, lemon squash, mint candy)
Chihaya Kisaragi drink (blue Hawaii, blueberry juice, yogurt)
Yayoi Takatsuki drink (mango sauce, lemon squash, orange juice)
Ritsuko Akizuki drink (chocolate syrup, iced coffee)
Azusa Miura drink (blueberry juice, Calpis)
Yukiho Hagiwara drink (milk, Calpis)
Ike Ike Fancy Jelly (Miki and the twins' favorite fruit-filled, lychee-flavored "Ike Ike Fancy Jelly")
"Ai ga Afureru" Omelet Rice (tomato sauce with vegetables on omelet rice)

November 20 - 28 Items

Haruka Amami drink (strawberry Calpis, soda, mixed berries)
Ami Futami drink (grapefruit juice, lemon squash, cranberry)
Iori Minase drink (grenadine syrup, soda, orange juice)
Takane Shijou drink (blue Hawaii, blueberry juice, milk, cranberries)
Makoto Kikuchi drink (blueberry juice, cola)
Hibiki Ganaha drink (melon soda, hirami lemon syrup, soda)
Kotori Otonashi drink (mango sauce, milk)
Gorgeous Celeb Pudding (fruit pudding, a favorite of Iori and everyone else)
Dreaming Idol Tomato Ravioli (tiny raviolis in Italian sauce)

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