Final Fantasy XIII-2 DLC Announced for February 7

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Although Final Fantasy XIII-2 was just released in North America on Tuesday, it will soon receive several downloadable content (DLC) updates and addons. Square Enix announced that it will release its "Lightning Coliseum" DLC simultaneously in both Japan and North America on February 7.

Players will be able to fight against both Lightning and Master Sargent Amodar in the Coliseum. Players who win here can put Lightning in their party. Square Enix has said that the DLC will "enhance the experience and complement the narrative of Final Fantasy XIII-2 with storyline branches for key characters in the story."

Additionally, Square Enix has announced that more DLC that will be available in the coming weeks. Following the "Lightning Coliseum" DLC, a second custom pack will be released along with an additional scenario. An Assassin's Creed custom for Noel has been announced, but a release date for the Ezio costume or Serah's AKB48 outfit has yet to be confirmed. Also, a third Coliseum battle is slated for release in March.

[Via Siliconera, Joystiq, Hachima Kikō]

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