XSeed Games to Release Unchained Blades on 3DS, PSP

posted on 2012-03-28 20:53 EDT by Kimberly Grace
Dungeon crawler to be released to 3DS and PSP systems via digital download

North American localizer XSEED Games announced via the company's Twitter account on Wednesday that it would be releasing the RPG Unchained Blades to the Nintendo 3DS and Playstation Portable systems this year. The company also posted a press release with more information about the title, and began streaming an 84-second trailer for the upcoming release of the game.

The dungeon crawler follows the dragon emperor Fang as he begins a journey to seek revenge against the goddess Clunea. Clunea has stripped Fang of his powers and placed him in human form because of his arrogance. Because of this change in fortune, Fang must learn to rely on others and hopefully learn some humility. Fang meets several interesting characters along the way, including a medusa priestess, a pheonix clan maiden, and a golem prince.

Each of the 13 main characters in Unchained Blades was created by a different artist. Along with the usual dungeon-traveling and turn-based fighting, the game features a unique “Unchain” system that allows players to try and convince monsters to follow them during battle. If successful, the enemy monster will join their party and help them in future battles by blocking attacks or giving players special offensive abilities.

Unchained Blades, originally titled Unchainblades Rexx in Japan, was developed by FuRyu. The game is currently in production and will be released as a digital download on the PSP system and Nintendo 3DS in 2012, according to XSEED's press release.

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