British Olympian: Pokémon's Charizard Led Me to Judo

posted on 2012-07-24 14:30 EDT by Jennifer Sherman
Judo medal hopeful: Charizard card 'was my life back then'

The news agency Reuters reported on Monday that British Olympian Ashley McKenzie began studying judo after losing a fight on a street near his house in London over a Charizard Pokémon card at age 11.

McKenzie, now 23 years old, said about the event, "This Charizard was the best card. It was my life back then."

After losing the fight and his Charizard card, McKenzie did some research and realized his attacker fought him with judo moves, and he went to a local club to learn more. At the club, he found his attacker and his Pokémon card. McKenzie noted, "we spoke, we're friends, I started judo. Obviously I got my Pokémon card back."

McKenzie will compete in the Judo event in the Olympics in London, which start on July 27.

Source: Express

Image via The Telegraph

Update: McKenzie won gold at the 2010 English Senior Open, the 2010 British Open, the 2010 under-23 European Championships, and the 2011 Polish World Cup.

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