Konami's LovePlus Production Unveils Last Heroines in Spring Title

posted on 2013-02-11 22:45 EST by Joanne Mertz
Blonde princess, "genki" girl shown on girlfriend simulator makers' site

Konami's LovePlus Production department has revealed two final heroines created by Akari Uchida and Mino☆Tarō for its yet-unnamed spring project. The characters are described by the site as a "princess" (pictured right) and a "genki musume" (perky, high-spirted girl, pictured below left).

The website opened on Wednesday with the first two heroines: a "manager" character (usually referring to the manager of a sports team), and a "little sister" character. LovePlus Production then added images of a "fushigi-chan" character (a character who has a strange and hard-to-understand personality) and a "meganekko" character (a glasses-wearing character). The website also notes that the characters will "debut" in early spring.

Uchida is the producer and scenario writer for the LovePlus franchise, and Mino☆Tarō designed the characters in LovePlus and some of the Tokimeki Memorial games. Konami has not confirmed if these new heroines are new characters for a LovePlus title, nor has Konami confirmed if a new LovePlus title is in production. The LovePlus Production website also links to pages for Tokimeki Restaurant, Tongari Bōshi to Mahō no Machi, and Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side.

The Loveplus franchise launched on the Nintendo DS in 2009, and sold at least 180,000 copies in half a year. The game has since spawned an enhanced LovePlus+ edition, New LovePlus for the Nintendo 3DS, a few mobile and arcade spinoffs, and at least five manga series.

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