Natsume's Nyanko-sensei Gets Sweet Red Bean Bun

posted on 2013-02-12 13:45 EST by Sarah Nelkin
"Nyanko-sensei's Anman with Chestnuts" at Family Mart stores next week

Japanese convenience store chain FamilyMart announced on Tuesday that it would be collaborating with Animax to begin selling Natsume's Book of Friends' Nyanko-sensei themed Anman (Sweet red bean paste buns), filled with not only sweet red bean paste, but also chestnuts. The “Nyanko-sensei's Anman with Chestnuts” buns will sell for 120 yen (about US$1.25) at FamilyMarts across Japan starting on February 19.

FamilyMart had already been selling Nyanko-sensei-themed mushipan (steam bread) in their stores since January, as well as other Natsume's Book of Friends goods.

Source: presepe

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