Madoka Magica, Hatsune Miku Dress-Up Dolls for Girls Unveiled in Videos

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Madoka Magica versions of Takara Tomy's Koeda-chan toys also planned for this year

Takara Tomy unveiled its line of Puella Magi Madoka Magica dress-up dolls aimed at adults at the Tokyo Toy Show 2013 event on Saturday. The Liccalize Mahō Shōjo Madoka Magica dolls of Madoka Kaname and Homura Akemi are designed like the company's Licca-chan dolls for children. Pre-orders for the Liccalize dolls will begin on July 1 for the price of 6,800 yen (about US$70). The dolls will then ship in November.

The company also introduced a new line of Koedalize figures for the anime's five main heroines. When the head of the figure is pressed down, the facial expression changes. The figures are designed to look like Takara Tomy's line of Koeda-chan toys for children. The Koedalize line of figures is scheduled to ship by the end of December. Each figure will cost 714 yen (about US$7.50).

Takara Tomy previously revealed a Hatsune Miku Licca-chan doll, and the company also revealed the full design for the doll at the same event last weekend. The doll will ship on July 13 for 2,940 yen (US$31).

The Licca-chan doll is a dress-up doll aimed towards girls and produced by Takara Tomy. Licca-chan's popularity is often compared to that of the United States' Barbie doll, and it has spawned multiple anime adaptations. Licca-chan was originally designed by manga artist Miyako Maki, who is the wife of anime and manga creator Leiji Matsumoto.

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