Costumed "Tiger Mask" Hero Donates 100,000 Yen to Tornado Victims

posted on 2013-09-09 12:06 EDT by Bamboo Dong
Unidentified man gives money to elementary school to help with disaster relief

In the face of tragedy, masked heroes do sometimes offer a glimmer of hope, and not just in comic books.

In the wake of a devastating tornado that touched down in Koshigaya, Saitama Prefecture and continued through Chiba Prefecture last week, dozens were injured and hundreds of buildings were damaged. Amongst the buildings that sustained heavy damage was Hokubu Elementary.

In an interview with the Noda Board of Education, journalists learned that a man wearing a mask and cape from the Tiger Mask manga appeared and donated 100,000 yen (~ $1000) to the school. The school is tentatively planning on using the money to go towards disaster prevention equipment and planning.

The masked hero appeared at the school on September 4, around 4:30 PM JST, and handed the vice principal 100,000 yen in 500 yen coins. He left without giving his name. All he left was a note that said, "Please use this for restoration and to care for the children's spirits. - Tiger Mask Jupiter."

"Tiger Mask" is the alter ego of manga protagonist Naoto Date, a pro wrestler who goes against an evil wrestling organization and fights for children in an orphanage. Penned by Ikki Kajiwara, the show has since been adapted into two anime TV series and a live-action movie.

[Via 47News]

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