Sailor Fuku Ojisan and Ladybeard Face Off to Promote Studying

posted on by Chris Nishijima
Japanese and Australian crossdressers collaborate for Waseda Juku's latest commercial.

Hideaki Kobayashi, better known as Sailor Fuku Ojisan, has teamed up with Australian pro wrestler and heavy metal singer Ladybeard for Waseda Juku's latest commecial, showcasing the cram school's new spring semester specials. The commercial portrays the two as rivals who are meeting up for the first time to face off.

The two were seen on a few occasions together on the street by passerbys on multiple occasions around the time of the collaboration, posing for pictures and spreading sailor clad happiness to all who stopped them back in February.

While their public bonding time was documented by several Twitter users, it was not known until the commercial aired what the cause of their meeting was. The two were interviewed together in a video detailing the making of the commercial.

To find out more about the two, you can check them out on Kobayashi's official webpage as well as Ladybeard's Facebook page.

[Via: Hachima Kikou].

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