Yowamushi Pedal Food & Drinks Debut At Animate Cafe

posted on by Bamboo Dong
Drinks-only menu to be offered at Caravan food truck.

Animate Cafe is opening its doors to Yowamushi Pedal starting this month at its Sannomiya location, and at its Caravan food truck.

While Caravan will only specialty drinks, the Sannomiya location will also offer a variety of character-inspired foods, including "Snake of the Stone Path vs Absolute King - Captain's Pizza," "Stupid Eggplant! Arakita's Spicy Eggplant Bowl," "This Season's Recommended Bishoujo Moe Moe Anime Love Hime Pancake," and "Fastest and Flashiest! Naniwa's Speed Star Parfait." The cafe also includes special drinks modeled after the characters' rivalries and specialties, as well as a Sohoku High School latte. Drink orders will come with special coasters corresponding to each referenced character.

Fans can also purchase metal charms for ¥300, A4-size clear files for ¥350, and a 5-piece set of decorated rusk cookies for ¥500.

The Yowamushi Pedal campaign will run from April 15 to July 13 at the Sannomiya cafe, with menu items subject to change after May 14, and April 28 to June 1 at the Caravan.

For more Yowamushi Pedal-inspired eats and treats, fans can also head to Ikebukuro's Namja Town, which has been offering Yowapeda snacks since February.

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